Comic loser becomes super cool in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Android 16 plays a fairly minor role in the manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z. A villain turned good guy, designed to kill Goku, but changed at the last minute and had his moments of being human. hero when standing up against Cell (Xen Bu Hung).

The last minutes of Android 16 are precious moments of a true warrior. However, in terms of “punching”, it is clear that this robot guy cannot cause Cell any difficulties. In fact, the guy’s “coolest” moment was probably when Android 16 disassembled his arms and fired cannons at Cell to prevent him from “eating” the other 2 Androids. Of course, this attempt failed, the other 2 Androids were still eaten, and Android 16 was crushed by Cell. This image is also the cause of Gohan’s anger, and for the first time in his life transforms into a Level 2 Super Saiyan.​


In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 16 has had a new turning point in its warrior life, by “kicking the ass” of the main characters of the story in many matches. Most recently, in the Next Level battle Circuit, gamers found a lot of his awesome combos to bring them victory.

The most typical is the match of Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, a professional fighting gamer who was famous in games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice or Marvel Vs. Capcom, has really dominated the league with this character. In the finals, he used a series of combos like song phi, punch, wrestling, canon of Android 16 to finish the opponent almost perfectly.​


In addition to the above combo sequences, Android 16 also has a super self-destructing move that sacrifices almost all of the remaining health (leaving only “1 blood point”) to deal huge amounts of damage. This is a “double-edged sword” move, but McLean cleverly used it to put a great end to his victory.​


Obviously, Android 16 has had a spectacular makeover from comics and anime to games to be able to compete with characters with similar powers like Goku or Hit. However, to be able to really use his abilities, players will also need to practice for a short period of time.​

Dragon Ball FighterZ is now playable on all 3 systems PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.​

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