Playing games that harm? So let’s watch 4 times the game that saves lives

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WHO – The World Health Organization, has just issued a draft to classify “gaming disorder” as a form of mental illness, leveling gamers with those who are addicted to alcohol, beer and even drugs. This immediately met with a backlash from the community, including scientists who are studying gaming disorders. And as if to prove that playing games is not bad, Emergenceingame.Com would like to point out 4 typical cases when games have helped save people’s lives.


World of WarCraft

In World of WarCraft at Level 30 of the Hunter Class, the player will unlock a skill called “Feign Death”. In terms of effects in the game, Feign Death causes enemies to completely ignore the character and allows the player to ensure safety. In terms of interpretation, the skill’s caption says that the character will know the skill to fake death to confuse the enemy.

A 12-year-old boy in Sweden named Hans Jørgen Olsen applies exactly this when he and his sister go for a walk in the woods. Confronted with an extremely aggressive elk, the two sisters are in danger of being attacked and directly affecting their lives. For those who do not understand, it is easy to think that deer are dangerous? But few people know that elk in some places cause more attacks than grizzly bears, simply because of their large size, large numbers and huge horns. Moreover, with the small stature of a 12-year-old boy, just one butt of an elk is enough to endanger his life.


But with the quick-wittedness and knowledge gained from the game, Hans ensured the safety of both himself and his sister. After shouting at the deer to get it’s attention, he immediately fell to the ground according to the Feign Death skill description. The elk, when it saw the immobile target, immediately left, helping the boy to miraculously escape.

Mario Kart

In 2013, young Gryffin Sanders in the US suddenly found himself in an extremely dangerous situation when his 74-year-old grandmother fainted while driving. After several unsuccessful attempts to wake his grandmother, Gryffin Sanders decided to steer the car himself to get the car off the road. Finally, he decided to steer the car slowly into a roadside ditch, saving the lives of both of them from a catastrophic accident. When interviewed by an NBC reporter, the 10-year-old boy shared that it was thanks to playing Mario Kart that he had basic steering wheel skills to bring the car to safety.


Robbery at internet cafe

In fact, this case does not revolve around boys gaining experience through games, but instead proves that gamers can completely become heroes. Accordingly, in 2010 in Hawaii, an internet cafe was suddenly “visited” by two armed robbers. Immediately they stormed into the shop owner and demanded that the customers in the line give all their money to them. However, when a robber tries to take the 3DS of a person sitting nearby, he immediately stood up to fight back and created an opportunity for the owner to control the other guy. Seeing that the resistance was too strong, the two robbers and their accomplices ran outside only to be caught by the police shortly after. When interviewed, gamers who own this 3DS joked that the brains of gamers often lack the part called “fear of danger”.​

America’s Army

America’s Army is one of the most realistic military simulation games ever with lots of training based on real life. One of them is a training course for paramedics with extremely high detail. Gamer Paxton Galvanek soon tested the difference between the game and real life when he witnessed a car accident that took place in 2008. Seeing the car overturned, he immediately rushed to and pulled the man. He got out of the car to give first aid.

Recalling the image in the game, Paxon obtained a piece of cloth and asked the man to put pressure on the place where his finger was severed in the accident, then asked him to keep his hand higher than his head to relieve pressure. blood. All this knowledge about hemostasis and first aid is thanks to the game America’s Army, even though he has never taken a first aid course in real life before.


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