“bowing” to the Covid pandemic, where did the hero of the Three Kingdoms go before the chaos?

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To protect yourself as well as everyone during the epidemic COVID-19 is going on very complicatedly, keeping hygiene, wearing medical masks and especially limiting going out has become more necessary than ever.

So imagine the hero Three Kingdoms which is famous for traveling east to clean the north, with horse hooves and intelligence so that all four directions will be able to sit still in the house or not? “Above the telescopic, under the geographical wall” of the Three Kingdoms series of military advisors could not escape the “grip” of the pandemic. Perhaps that’s why there have been a series of situations with “1-0-2” that made netizens “laugh out of chair”.​​

However, the difficult reveals the wisdom. Chu Du, Zhuge Liang wanted to distinguish between high and low to find out who was the best advisor of the Three Kingdoms, then there was a place to decide, which is the Three Kingdoms of Lies. No need to meet, each round in this game is a real life-and-death battle, enough for the talented heroes to show their intelligence.


As a new product from NPH Gamota, Tam Quoc Liet Truyen will allow players to be transformed into military advisors during the Warring States period, having to constantly use strategies to be able to win. As such, this will likely be a game that makes it difficult for gamers to use automatic strategies to win, instead of the players’ own strategies.


With the information that has been revealed, Three Kingdoms Liet Truyen is receiving great attention from gamers, promising to be the most anticipated blockbuster in the coming days. The game converges all the quintessential features of the real-time strategy series over the past 10 years, recreating a heroic and bloody Warring States world.

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