Classification of Heroes in League of Legends

In the game League of Legends there are many generals (characters). Each of these characters has a different appearance, weapon, fighting style and style. The following article will introduce in detail to all of these generals for convenience in the process of playing LOL on the computer. If you are human new to LeagueSee this detailed list right away.

Up to the present time, the game League of Legends has more than 130 generals (134 generals to be exact). Each of these generals has a different style and there are many ways to classify these champions, for example:

  • Attack range (long or close).
  • How to hit (using Mana or not).
  • Attack type (physical attack or magic attack).

However, the classification is said to be the most professional, clear and most specific is to divide the Generals in LOL game according to the list of generals genres (the role of that general in the game). And with this classification, we can divide it into 6 main groups:

  • Assassin
  • Archer
  • Support
  • Blocking
  • Fighter

In this article will introduce you to the most detailed information about this entire list of generals by name, champion type, attack method, related stats …

Gladiators in League of Legends

Gladiators are a group of generals quite strong both in dealing damage to enemies and taking damage from them to protect teammates. This group of characters often carries the ability to cause damage over time, and has a very strong defense, so gladiators often seek targets, choose to fight solo with the opponent. But due to the range of attacks at close range, they are often in danger of not approaching in time to attack or retreat when the opponent uses the skill.

Advantages – Disadvantages of Gladiators:

  • They are quite strong against Assassins and Blockers.
  • It is difficult to approach the characters with long-range, main force of the opponent such as ADC or Mage.
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List of Gladiators in LOL:

A total of 67 characters.

Gunners in League of Legends

Gunners are generals who are capable of long-range attacks, do not need to approach the enemy such as Gladiators or Blockers … Although the advantage of long-range attacks is quite beneficial, but in contrast, they also have to sacrifice their ability to defend. defense and versatility to focus on attacking with a hit that inflicts massive damage and successively on selected targets.

Another feature of ADCs is that attacks rely mainly on basic attacks to damage opponents and physical attack more important than the use of skills. The generals of this character class are also capable of causing greater damage with level while playing and are the main attack spearhead of each team when playing LOL.

Pros – Cons of Gunners:

  • Gunners easily destroy and repel melee generals if they do not have good strategy and approach to the target (eg Gladiator, Blocker, Assassin …).
  • Be sure to fail when facing the Assassin. Because while hitting long is an advantage, low HP is the deadly weakness of the marksman. While the strong point of Assassin is the cumulative damage after each single attack. If not sober and have good strategy, RIP Gunner !!
  • Avoid confronting Magic champions. Chess Spell is the most difficult class to play, the most difficult to control and the most complex. However, if the opponent is proficient, you will be in great trouble because the Mage (the Magic General) has the ability to unleash combination attacks from the internal skill. That is not to mention that these generals almost have the skill to launch skills that reduce damage, slow movement or even lock the enemy, which is very dangerous.

List of Gunners in the game League of Mobile

Total 25 Heroes.

Assassins in the game League of Legends

Assassins are considered to be the generals with the fastest speed, the most mobility, and especially the 1 skills that help assassins quickly hide in a flexible, very unpredictable way. Assassins have the task of putting almost all damage on a target that makes that attack extremely dangerous. However, they are also champions with low defense and low health. If used familiar, Assassins will be extremely dangerous assassins with the ability to quickly close and suddenly defeat the target even when they have not yet detected, then quickly retreat back to the turret waiting for healing. .

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Assassin’s favorite target is players who go individually or in groups of 2 or 3 together but with red blood, poor coordination skills.

Pros – Cons of Assassins:

  • Quick, dangerous attacks that finish the target with just a few moves.
  • Fast speed, sudden movement, unpredictable.
  • Dam stacks in one move, can take down enemies early.
  • Low blood.
  • If deliberately solo with Gladiator or Blocker, then not necessarily win.

List of Assassins in League of Legends game:

34 Generals in total.

The mage in the game League of Legends

Mages (or Magic Generals) are mostly characters with the ability to attack long-range like ADC. Although HP is only in the form of paper blood, but most of the moves they use are much stronger than their basic attacks. In addition, these mages often have a skill set that combines long-range, wide-area or maneuverability, not only attacking, but also dangerously disarming or restraining the opponent. A perfect team and good teamfights cannot be without a mage.

Advantages – Disadvantages of spell generals

  • Various attacks.
  • Many unique, dangerous attacks (bind, slow, poison …).
  • Low blood.
  • When performing some special skills, the Mage cannot move, this is the time when anyone can easily defeat them.

List of Mages in the game League of Legends:

A total of 55 heroes.

General support in LOL

Support Heroes are the most special class in League of Legends. Health, damage, and defense are all pretty average, but support champions are fast and special, as the name suggests, the main purpose of support champions is to help your teammates in battle. not participating in destroying the enemy.

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Pros – Disadvantages of support generals in League of Legends game

  • Support champions can increase, restore one of the stats of health, armor, attack, speed for allies.
  • Can be increased for an accompanying teammate or increase for the whole team.
  • Special abilities heal faster than champions of other types.
  • Weak, barely comparable and joins the attack.

List of Champions support in League of Legends:

Champion in LOL

The very noticeable feature of the defending general in LOL is a large, massive body, slow movement, sluggish and heavy. While it seems like a good target for ranged champions, taking down a tank is not easy, especially if solo, it’s not certain that the prey is a loser.

Blocking generals are also cannons that block bullets, graft skills for the whole team when fighting or destroy turrets thanks to the enormous amount of health (the most in the game) and a large body, capable of protecting well.

Pros – Cons of tank champions

  • Extreme blood (the most in the game).
  • Damage level increases with level.
  • Movement speed is very slow.
  • Had to stay close to attack, so it was quite inconvenient.
  • Difficult to rescue teammates or join team coordination.

List of tank champions:

A total of 39 characters.

The above article has just summarized for you the most complete list of character classes, types of champions in League of Legends and their advantages and disadvantages. From this article you can easily learn and choose a character most suitable for playing League of Legends game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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