Summary of errors when playing League of Legends and how to fix them


Not only League of Legends but any application, game or operating system often encounter some errors, there are some simple fixes that are easy to experience right away. However, if you do not know, it is also a big problem, right? So, please follow the article below to quickly fix the error when playing League of Legends.

League of Legends

Summary of League of Legends play errors

Error failed to enter the match, stopped the game when Accepting the match

This is an error related to the game’s server system. When getting this error, you need to wait patiently for the dialog box Accept the match disappear. Gamers cannot fix this by themselves, but have to wait for the NPH to fix the problem on the system.

Important Note: If after the dialog box Accept the match to disappearIf a player is banned from searching for a match for 5 minutes, you should not continue looking for matches, wait for the server to stabilize before playing. If after 5 minutes, you press to find the next match, it is likely that the error will continue and the time to ban the match will increase for a very long time.


Look up Placeholder

The TRA PLACEHOLDER error is an error related to your video card or graphics card. The graphics card serves as the place for image data processing and outputting to your computer screen. If you have not installed the driver, also known as the driver for the graphics card, you may still see the content displayed but will be poor quality and encounter lots of errors if opening applications that require the functionality of the card. Graphics.

In older versions of Windows 7 and earlier, users will have to manually install the drivers including the graphics card. The normal display of content will cause many users to ignore the driver installation and lead to using poor display quality and many errors when running software, games such as TRA errors. PLACEHOLDER above.

To fix this error, simply upgrade your computer to Windows 10 version so that it automatically recognizes the driver and installs. Or if your computer configuration is weak, you do not want to upgrade to Windows 10, you can download the driver files and install them manually.

Error displaying the dialog “League of Legends data is corrupted …”

League of Legends data is corrupted

This error usually occurs after updating a new version of League of Legends. During the update, some errors occurred leading to missing files, corrupt files … game controller could not run. To overcome this situation, you just need to exit Garena and re-enter. Then click the wrench-shaped repair button in the lower corner of Garena’s mussel for the system to automatically correct the error.


Error “Username or password is incorrect”

When you start the game, a dialog box says: “Username or password is incorrect. Please try again. If you forgot your password, click here“This error occurs when you have entered the correct password and username.

The cause of the error can be the server or the game file error. We can try the following 2 ways to fix this phenomenon:

  • Exit the game, Log out Garena’s account, exit Garena then proceed to log in again.
  • In the window Garena, find wrench-shaped icon In the lower left corner, click on it and wait a while for the software to automatically fix the problem.
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If you still can’t access the game in the above way, you just have to wait for the server to stabilize and then log into the game.

Error Update (update) game slow / standing

There are 2 main causes that the game update is slow or not running anymore (Usually standing in the segment Build the manifest file 15 minutes or more):

  • Due to the player’s internet connection is poor, unstable or unstable.
  • Due to the server being overloaded due to too many hits and downloads at the same time, this often happens when updating new versions.

To fix the slow / standing game update, we first need to manually check the Internet connection. If there is no problem with the connection, please pause the update (Pause), wait a few minutes then continue to update. This eases bandwidth congestion and, after a while, the game load can be smoother. If you still cannot update, then you should exit Garena and update again from the beginning.

Error playing game crashes

When you are playing a bloody battle, then suddenly you are thrown off the desktop is an error that makes players extremely inhibited. Through many updates now, LOL is much more stable than before, but does not mean that this error does not happen. The main reason is attributed to the poor operation between the game and the system. To avoid game crashes, you need to fully update the latest drivers for your hardware as well as update Windows for the best compatibility with the game.

Black screen error when starting the game load

There are several main reasons:

  • Because the resolution of the game is larger than the resolution of the computer -> Press Alt + Enter to switch to window mode and then adjust the resolution of the game to match.
  • Because Alt + tab players go out too quickly when the game first starts to load.
  • Because the graphics card driver is old and has not been updated -> Update Driver of the graphics card.

Login error where the account has special characters

A lot of gamers have encountered login blocked status due to account names with special characters. When meeting like that, just log in to the old account, then go to Garena to change the username. Of course, to change your name, your account must have your own phone number to receive SMS or an authenticated email to receive the code.

Error “Suspicious Environment – 0x8000000a”

Error "Suspicious Environment - 0x8000000a"

Because League of Legends cannot confirm game files or some Windows files. The main cause is a virus or malware. Just do the following:

  • Download Kaspersky Antivirus software for a 30-day trial.
  • Install and scan for viruses, then reboot.
  • Delete, then reload the game.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, reinstall Windows.

Note: Copy data before installing.

Error “disk I / O – 0x8000000c”

Error "disk I / O - 0x8000000c"

This error is similar to the Suspicious Environment error.

Error “Input Not Supported”

Usually occurs when the video card or monitor doesn’t fully support the resolution setting in the game. You can fix this by switching to Window or Borderless mode as follows:

Method 1: Press Alt + Enter when meeting a black screen.

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Method 2: To enter League of Legends, access the link: C: LienMinhHuyenThoai GameData Apps lolVN Game Con fig (In the case of installing League of Legends on drive C) and open the file Game.cfg with Notepad. Then go to the line WindowMode = X, edit X to 2, then press Ctrl + S to save and enter a match Option.

Error booting Garena failed

This error is because Garena is faulty or has not been updated to the latest version.

Error booting Garena failed

So you need to upgrade your Garena PC to the latest version and then use the feature “Repair” by Garena.


Error “LeagueClient.exe – Application Error”

This error is caused by a conflict of some of the installed applications in the computer, preventing you from entering the game.


So let’s turn off weird apps in System Configuration by:

  • Press the Windows key, type msconfig go to the search bar and press Enter.
  • The System Configuration window appears, switch to the item Services, choose Hide all Microsoft services then choose Disable all.
  • Next, move on to the item Startup and choose Disable all.
  • Finally, choose Apply and press OK.
  • Then restart the machine.

System Configuration

Alternatively, you can also use the command “sfc / scannow” in cmd to edit file system.

Error “Unable to init component – 0x8000000a”

Error "Unable to init component - 0x8000000a"

When getting this error, you can use one of two ways:

  • Method 1: Log on to Windows with administrator rights.
  • Method 2: Scan computer viruses with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

Error “lolex.exe – Application Error”

This error occurs because the computer is infected with a virus so the driver cannot be recognized. To fix it, please scan the virus with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool as in the error “Unable to init component – 0x8000000a”.

Error "lolex.exe - Application Error"

Error launching but was unable to enter the game, nor did it show an error message

When you get such an error, you are most likely naming the folder containing League of Legends with the accents. So, rename the unsigned folder to continue the game experience.

Error “… could not find or load the Qt platform plugin”

Error "... could not find or load the Qt platform plugin"

This error occurs due to the file qwindows.dll in the directory C: Program Files (x86) Garena Garena 2.0.1711.2118 libs platforms faulty or blocked by antivirus software. You do it in the following ways:

  • Method 1: Turn off the Antivirus software, then download and reinstall Garena.
  • Method 2: Copy file qwindows.dll from one machine to the above directory.

Error “Failed to patch” when updating League of Legends

When the “Failed to patch” error message appears, a file on your computer is corrupted or changed. There are many causes of this situation: Due to viruses, hard drive errors, interference of third-party software … It is best to download and install the full version to fix it.

Failed to patch error

Error completing new Client installation but still requires downloading League of Legends

After installing a new Client, but still appearing to download the game League of Legends, how to overcome this situation?

First you have to download the file “lolex.rar”. Then, dodge and copy the file “lolex.exe” on the link GameData Apps lolVN of League of Legends installation directory. Next, you update League of Legends to the latest version.

Error not being able to load the game at the end of champion selection

There are 2 reasons for the error of not being able to load the game after the champion selection ends:

  • Because the Antivirus software has deleted some League of Legends files. Please turn off the Antivirus software on your computer to play the game.
  • Hello Hello’s new update conflicts with the client. So, you should completely turn off Hello Hello before entering the client by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del, choose Start Task Manager. On the tab Processes, you find progress “BBTalk.exe” and choose End Process.
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Turn off the process

Error “Error – Shadow 2.0” and the screen is black

The cause of this error is due to the computer not recognized or have not installed the Graphic Driver. Proceed to find the correct Graphic Driver Installer for the machine you are using to fix this error.

Error “Internal error …”

When the error message “Internal error …” appears, it is because the computer has not installed .Net Framework or the program is faulty. Download .Net Framwork to install and fix it.

Login error League of Legends

When you get an error that you can not login to League of Legends game, please open it file follow the link … GameData Apps lolVN Air with Notepad. Then, copy the code below into the file and save it.












When logging in Maestro error

Please turn off anti-virus programs on your computer, turn off the firewall. Next, right-click League of Legends game icon, choose Run As Administrator. Access to Control Panel, choose Internet Option. Then move on to the card Security> Custom level, then choose Reset> Yes> OK.

Log in to the game to report Yes / No

When logging into League of Legends, the message Yes / No is due to the date and time of the date and time system on the computer is not correct. Therefore, if the system suspects gaming cheating, you need to adjust the system date and time to finish.

Language error in the game is English

Although Vietnamese language is set for the game on Garena Plus, but still cannot access the link below:

...League of LegendsGameDataAppslolVNAir...

Next, open the file with Notepad, edit it to locale = vn_VN and save the file.

Black screen error when logging in League of Legends

When logging into League of Legends game, the client game displays only a black color. The cause could be due to:

  • This is because the css files that manage the display in the client are lost.
  • Because the computer is faulty.
  • Due to Windows 10.

Black screen

Please follow the way below to fix this black screen error:

  • Scan your entire computer with anti-virus software.
  • Use CCleaner to clean up junk files on your computer.
  • Into the Star> Run> CMD order execution “sfc / scannow”.
  • Recovery or reinstall Windows.
  • Rename Windows 10 User Name.

Computer scan

Hopefully the above article will help you quickly fix the errors you are having, to continue playing this popular strategy game with your friends!

Wish you all success!

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