How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

Chess has always been a favorite entertainment subject for Vietnamese seniors with strict rules of the game. Play chess helps people become a cheerful, civilized entertainment that all ages should play. If the children play chess In order to develop thinking, middle-aged people will have clear intelligence. Chess originated from China, also known as Chinese Chess, now beside how to play chess Traditionally we can also play online chess, online chess, and so on.

Basic Chess game for beginners

From the early stone chessboards, to the “monumental sidewalk” or great competitions, Chinese Chess has shown its growth right on computers, iPads, or smartphones. Players can play online, also practice playing Chinese Chess If you are a beginner, it all comes from your love and passion for this subject.


General introduction to Chinese Chess

Chess table

The chess board is a rectangle assembled from 9 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows that intersect each other at 90 squares. The middle of the chessboard is divided from each other by a space called the river (or ha).

Chess table

Types of pieces in chess

Starting a game of chess will have a total of 32 pieces divided into 2 sides against each other. Each side has 16 cards with 7 different types of cards: General, Si, Statue, Rook, Cannon, Knight, Pawn. The symbols of each side will be different (written in Chinese characters), but the way of each piece will be completely the same. Specifically, the chess piece symbol and the number of each side will look like the table below:

How to move the types of chess pieces

  • Chess: Only go for each square: horizontal or vertical. The General can only move in the Palace, not allowed to go out. “Bow” is a 3 × 3 square shape marked with a diagonal slash like the letter X.
  • Si: Soldiers only go diagonally 1 cell per country. Si must always be in the palace like General.
  • Statue: For each move, the bishop can go diagonally 2 squares (horizontal 2 and vertical 2). The statue is only allowed to move on one side of the chessboard, not over the river and to the opponent’s board. If a chess piece is in the middle of the path, the bishop will not be able to move.
  • Vehicle: The Rook may move either sideways or vertically on the board, as long as there are no other pieces blocking the way between the origin and destination.
  • Code: Go diagonally between a rectangle created by 2 horizontal cells and 1 vertical cell (or 2 vertical 1 horizontal). If there is a chess piece next to the Ma piece and blocking the way, Ma will be prevented from going that way.
  • Firecrackers: can go sideways and vertically like the Rook. The difference is that if the cannon wants to take a piece, the cannon has to jump over exactly one piece.
  • Good: Pawns go one square each time. If the Pawn has not crossed the river, it can only go straight, but once it has reached the opponent’s board, the Pawn can either move sideways or advance (1 square).
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Basic laws

  • Troops: When the piece moves to a position where the opponent’s piece is standing, the enemy piece will be taken and must be removed from the board.
  • Anti-hero: When two Generals on the table are on the same vertical column and there is no Stop piece in the middle, it is called Anti-General. Any move to get 2 Heroes into an Anti-Champion situation is invalid and not allowed.
  • Prohibit checkmate continuously 10 times.

Guide to playing Chinese Chess for beginners

How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

If you like to play chess, but are afraid to study outside and don’t know where to start, how to start, then start with the basics below:

  • First of all, the new player needs to have a good grasp of the opponent’s form, name, position, movement, blocking moves as well as taking the opponent’s pieces, how to loses every match.
  • Know how to analyze tactics, see why the opponent made that move, and which pieces should I move, how.
  • Understand how effective the combination of chess pieces, chess positions, and chess positions will be.
  • Learn the basics of chess, checkmate, checkmate and play strategies when the chess goes down.

Among the above, there are opinions that the number one important thing besides getting the pieces and moving, that is the position, the way to play when the chess goes down. Bad chess means that when the game is played towards the end, both sides have certain losses in terms of numbers and posture. They said that, when the opening of each move is only relative, the following countries will supplement and overcome the mistakes of the previous one, possibly improvising. By the time the game goes down, the danger increases and each opportunity counts as a victory, so the stance, the way the game goes when the game goes down is most important.

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However, there are also opinions that, when starting to use the “low” countries, it will lose the advantage and when not able to deploy the game, it will be easy to be overwhelmed, leading to the middle of the game. in the end, and in the end it is hard to endure.

A special feature about Chinese Chess, here Not the game can guide someone who plays in a booky or fixed manner, by This is an intellectual game. This means that each player has their own way of playing, their own fighting style shows their own style and personality as well as their gameplay. In fact, there are many lessons, documents, books, pictures or even a video tutorial on how to play Chinese Chess, but thought, is that necessary? Once the player has mastered the basics, they can, should, play their own way, because everything at the moment is just for reference, just for advancement. However, if you look carefully, it is possible to put the following basic moves that players need to understand and understand well:

  • Arrest troops (eat): One of the two players uses any of their chess pieces to create intimidation (capable of eating) with other pieces of the opponent. Use in attack, create your own posture.

How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

  • Water resistance: Use your chess pieces, prevent the movement or attack of the opponent’s chess pieces (posture). Often used in defense.

How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

Code cannot move to position 3, 4 due to obstruction

  • Projection water: The purpose and outcome of a game can only be determined when the Chess piece of either side is captured (eaten). This move occurs when one of the two players exerts intimidation on the opponent’s Chess, capable of taking their Chess if the other player fails to defend. This is an extremely effective move to distract or force the opponent to sacrifice another piece for support.
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How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

  • Anti-projection water: It is the move of a person whose General is threatened and forced to move him to another position, or use another piece so that the opponent cannot capture his General in the next country immediately after.

How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

The Guardian (Bishop) covered the General’s face to prevent it from being screened

  • Checkmate: Also a shroud, but the level and the ability to intimidate, creating a higher danger. Checkmate has the ability to determine more quickly and lose money and the player who is checked is also more difficult to escape.

How to play Chinese Chess for beginners

  • Exchange: This is a way of hitting that, according to many people, is quite negative. Players on both sides let each other eat their pieces (equal, or different in strength), thereby clearing the game or changing the position of the pieces to make the next move. There are games that trade the same chess pieces in value and quantity. There are also games that trade one piece for another 2 or 3 of the opponent’s pieces. Usually used when the chessboard is stuck, wanting to disrupt an opponent’s defense, or make a purposeful move into the check.
  • Chasing (manipulation): Is a more mobile and powerful way of using a chess piece to follow, chase another piece of the opponent, to create annoyance in the opponent’s mentality, wait for errors to put that piece into a squash, or not practice Focused on real purpose.

End of the match

A game of chess ends when it falls into one of the following situations:

  • Checkmate: When one side checks a Champion and the opponent is not able to make the next move, the checkmate wins.
  • Out of water: If a party is in turn to go but does not have a valid move, that party will lose.
  • Draw: After 120 moves of both sides, no pieces are taken.

See more clip about Chess Introduction:

Some Chinese Chess games on PC and mobile

Above are some of the most basic and important moves for new players to understand and practice Get to know Chinese Chess. There are still many other basics about this subject that will guide you gradually in the following articles.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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