Every time I download the game, my parents delete it, and the gamer asks for advice from the online community

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It is not too difficult to understand that our respected parents often prevent their children from playing games. Simply, the psychology of being a parent is the same for everyone, their children develop in a certain straight line, there is no other detour. Meanwhile, games are always thought to be the agents that make today’s young people distracted from their studies and easily fall into other social evils. That is the reason that many gamers are denied all avenues by their parents to access the game.

However, the case shared below by a male gamer makes many people laugh and laugh. Not because of the ban but this gamer again and again game deleted by parents because… suspected it was a game containing a virus, while father and son shared the same computer and 75% of it was built by the guy himself.


The incident was repeated too many times, causing this player to post an urgent forum to ask for advice from seniors on MXH.

“The thing is that my father and I share the same computer. My father has a need to type words with game2h, I play CS: GO with PUBG, so I have money for Tet to raise my PC with two or three children and have fun. But these days, my dad keeps deleting my game, because my dad suspects it’s a virus game. But I downloaded it on steam properly, not a pirated game, a crack game that has a virus. I explained to my dad many times and he still deleted my game. My father told me that some of my games lost his word and excel files. One day I didn’t know when my father was watching the hunchback and got caught in the linl virus, the PC kept opening the advertising website by itself, and my father blamed it on me. I just gave up and cleaned up the virus myself with some software for USB boost. Next comes my game taking up my dad’s hard drive. OK, I went to buy a 1TB HDD myself and installed it as if it was just for my game. And for the past few days, if the computer has any problems, I will go to the game drive and delete it. This crate is 75% built by me, now that you guys tell me to build more machines to play on my own, I’ll probably have to wait 2 more Tet seasons. In the immediate future, do you guys have a way to lock the floder for others to delete, please help me.”

Sharing his story of “bad crying and laughing” on a game forum, gamers make many people laugh but also very enthusiastic and goodwill when presenting all 1001 strategies to help him escape “tragedy”. “.


“Allow hidden is fine, every time you want to play, switch to reading hidden file mode, so your parents won’t know where to delete it”.

“Invite three to play together”.

“Vote to buy a device with a range of 3m enough to surf the web and play light games”.

“Build another set of PCs for your father, the configuration is also simple, about 5-7 million is spoiled”.
“Divide 2 accounts who use that person’s. Or you can hide the games or hide them anywhere, every time you play, you can open them and leave them on the desktop.”

Hopefully with the above useful tips, our “unlucky” gamer will find the right solution to deal with his parents.​

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