China has been dug up by the public for plagiarism of famous foreign cartoons

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For a long time, China’s “fake goods” industry has been famous all over the world, from clothes, shoes, accessories to vehicles, home appliances, … Even architectural works or wonders. The natural landscape of the world also has a made in China version located in many different cities of China. And recently, netizens have had the opportunity to dig up cartoon titles that are believed to be plagiarism of famous foreign animated series.

Amazing World Of Gumball

Surely many of you are no stranger to the famous cartoon title Amazing World Of Gumball shown on Cartoon Network, right. And in China there is also a movie title that is said to be a plagiarism of Gumball called Miracle Star. There are too many scenes of Miracle Star that are more than 90% similar to the original.

The scene of Miao Le Xing and Chun Ni is very similar to Gumball on Nicole.

The content of the movie Miracle Star revolves around the adventures of Miao Le Xing and her adopted brother Gwa Gwa around their town. The main characters from Chinese animation have shapes and personalities that are surprisingly similar to the characters in Gumball, making netizens questionable.

Darwin – Amazing World Of Gumball.

Guagua – Miracle Star.

After the producers of the movie Amazing World Of Gumball learned, they did not condone this disrespect for work ethics. They “retaliate” by making an episode to confront the Miracle Star called The Copycats. In this episode, Gumball’s family encounters a family that imitates them (symbolizing the Miracle Star). And towards the end of the episode, the family imitating gets into an accident when the truck they’re driving plunges off the cliff and explodes. That’s a deep revenge.

Episode The Copycats. The image of the family is very similar to the image of the Miracle Star family and at the end of the movie, they drive down the cliff.


But it doesn’t stop there, in 2017, China even copied the family’s hit movie Cars Disney although the quality is far from the original. This was originally a TV series for children, then the manufacturer made a version for theatrical release. Even the poster is similar to Cars when it is released in the billion-population market.

Made in China version and Disney genuine Cars version.

The main character in this movie is quite similar to Lighting McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli (Cars 2 in 2011) and the content is quite similar when it comes to the races of the main character, a talented red car. but arrogant. However, the most noticeable thing is that the Chinese side’s graphics look a bit “alum” compared to the original.

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