Chasing Code: How to get Giftcode Chasing and how to redeem rewards

Truykich 640 - Emergenceingame

Giftcode gifts are always gifts for new gamers to join the game to receive incentives as well as valuable items when participating in the game. Chasing recently had a giftcode event with many preferential gifts and valuable items for players.

Gamers just need to log into the Internet of Truy Truy and receive for themselves the special rewards of the game, now will guide you how to receive gifts via giftcode.

Instructions to receive giftcode Pursuit

Step 1: Log in pursue and code # Click and click Agree.

Enter the Pursuit code

Step 2: Upon receiving the notification you have received it Combo Destruction, click Share below to receive notifications shared via Facebook.

Get the Pursuit code

Step 3: You click Post to Facebook to share on Facebook.

Share Facebook

Step 4: After successfully sharing on Facebook, Chasing will notify you that you have received a gift.

Receipt of gifts

Step 5: Log into the game and check your inventory.

Item box

So you have successfully received gifts of Pursuit by entering giftcode, in addition, Chasing also gives gamers gifts that gamers can receive right after playing the game.

How to redeem rewards from Giftcode game Pursuit

You log into the game as usual, select the Warehouse item (whether on the web or client version, the interface is the same). Click the left mouse button on the Gift Code card.

Gift code
Go to the Vault / Gift Code to redeem your reward

Window Change Giftcode appears, enter the code we just received into the box and click OK.

Change Giftcode

Notice of successful redemption and the list of gifts, expiry date will appear as shown in the picture.

Successfully changed

You go into the Warehouse and compare the newly received gifts with the list in the notice to see if they match?


If ok then click on the Equipment item in each corresponding frame to “itemize” the character and go to war.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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