How to run GeForce Now on Android TV

You absolutely can install GeForce Now on Android TV for a smooth cloud gaming experience. Here it is how to run GeForce Now on Android TV.

How to run GeForce Now on Android TV

If you are in the US or European countries, you can run GeForce Now on Android TV easily without a hacking solution. However, if you’re in the GeForce Now region that isn’t supported yet, you’ll need a VPN. Don’t worry, VPN is only needed for authentication purposes, not when playing games.

1. First, download the GeForce Now APK on your smartphone or computer. APK is developed for Android smartphones but it works well on both Android TV, Make sure to download its latest APK version.

Download the latest GeForce Now APK

2. Next, transfer the APK file to Android TV.

Send File to TV

3. Then, install a file manager on Android TV. You should use Solid Explorer (free, with IAP) because it is easy to use and has a neat interface.

Solid Explorer File Manager

4. Now locate GeForce Now APK on Android TV via Solid Explorer.

Find the installation file location

5. Open the file APK and install GeForce Now on Android TV right away.

Install GeForce Now on Android TV

6. Finally, open GeForce Now and grant it full authority. Then, click Log In. Here, you will see a code. Please write down this code.

Scan the code to login Geforce Now

7. Now open on smartphone or computer and enter the code. Remember, if you are using it GeForce Now From an unsupported area, you must be connected to the VPN on your smartphone or computer. Then you can login to Nvidia account and enter the code received.

Sign in to the device with the PIN code

8. Once you have entered the code, you will automatically log in to your account GeForce Now On tv. Now, to play the game, just touch any game title and start enjoying everything you want to play. Remember, you need a gamepad to play games on TV.

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GeForce Now Library

9. For unsupported regions, you need to connect Android TV to VPN before playing game. You can install ProtonVPN (free, IAP) or Windscribe (free, IAP) on your Android TV and connect to a server in the US.

Use VPN for unsupported regions using Geforce Now

10. Now, go ahead and play any game on GeForce Now on Android TV. After allocating devices, you can disconnect the VPN connection on TV. It will improve gameplay and reduce latency while playing.

Monitor connection game on Android TV

A list of several Android TVs that support GeForce Now

The list below shows popular TV devices for which you can use the above method to remove ads.

List of Android TV devices that support Geoforce Now
Android TV series supports GeoForce Now
List of popular Android TV models

The above is how to run GeForce Now on Android TV and play games like Fortnite, Among Us, Cyberpunk 2077 … Hope the article is useful to you.

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