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Clan in Pursuit can be understood as a group, a team or an organization consisting of members with the same interests, the same goal or simply sharing the same interest in playing Pursuit. Each clan will be created by a different person and have different slogans and symbols, however, there will be certain common points that unite them.

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Joining a Clan has many benefits that a Chaser player should not ignore, such as participating in the Clan Battle feature, fighting with teammates in the Clan or Appointing a battle in the Clan and many other attractive features. is being updated.

How to join a clan in Pursuit

You can join the Clan from the web version or Client install, the way is the same.

Step 1: You log in Account Pursuit player, then choose a server to play. At the first interface of the game, left mouse button on Clan.


Step 2: The list of Clans currently in the game will appear according to their rank. In addition, you can see the name of the Clan, Team Leader, level of that Clan, Size (number of people), slogan …

Left click the item Suggestions corresponding to each Clan to join that Clan.

List of clans

Suggest to join Clan successfully, press OK to close the message and wait for the Captain to approve your request.

Successful proposal

Step 3: If you know or want to join a particular clan, you just need to Enter the exact name of the Clan that goes into the frame Find Clan and click the yellow Find Clan button to execute.

The results appear, you also do the same as above to join the Clan.

Search Clan

One more point, that is, if eligible (level and gold), you can create a new Clan and be the Captain of that clan.

Create Clan

Conditions for creating Clan and joining the Clan in Pursuit:

  • The number of Clans in Pursuit is not limited.
  • To be able to create a clan, a Captain needs a minimum of level 10 and have 50,000GP.
  • In order to join the clan, the participant was also required to pass the word level 5 or higher.
  • Each clan will have a maximum of 500 members. When this level is reached, if more members are desired, that clan will incur a fee 1 gold / 1 member.
  • The Clan Leader can be Disbanded, Renamed another name, Reassigned to the Team Leader or Reviewed the new member’s application or Checked the position for the members.
  • Clan members can introduce others to join their Clan, See other members while they are playing the game.
  • The hierarchy in a clan is divided as follows:
    • Captain / Honorary Captain / Vice-Captain / Elite / Coach / Member.

How to divide Clan level:

  • Clan Iron have word score 0 – 4499.
  • Clan Copper have word score 4500 – 2499999.
  • Clan Silver have word score 250000 – 2999999.
  • Clan Yellow have word score 3000000 – 4499999.
  • Clan Platinum have word score 4500000 – 6799999.
  • Clan Diamond have word score 6800000 above.

Position in the Clan

Some notes about Clan in Pursuit:

  • Different positions in the Clan will have different rights, specifically:
    • Clan leader – Clan creator: Have the right to give a clan name, edit name, Dismiss Clan, Assign to others, approve joining request, click members out of your Clan, send a message or review position for other members.
    • Honorary captain: There are some rights quite similar to the official Captain, but no power to disband or change Clan names.
    • Vice team: Platoon management, invite and test members.
    • Position Astute and Coach: Only other members can be invited to join the clan.
    • Member: Chat in Clan, schedule matches, expand Clan …
  • Clan rank is determined by Clan score, the higher the Clan score, the higher its rank. However, this point also determines the rank of that Clan (each level corresponds to a certain clan level), there are 6 Clan levels, including: Clan Iron – Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond.
  • If during the process Clan exists and the members join the game. Each member when exiting a clan, they will receive 10% of their personal honor points and at the same time cause the clan to decrease points.

How to increase Clan points

  • Method 1: Daily attendance (+10 points).
  • Method 2: Use gold to buy items in the game (1 gold = 1 point).
  • Method 3: Play with clan members (1 person = 5 points).
  • Method 4: Clan battle – War Clan (1 person = 7 points).

War Clan

In addition to Clan points, there are also Personal Honor points (each individual’s contribution to the Clan they are participating in), also divided by the following levels:

  • Reserve troops: From 0 – 1799 points.
  • Rookie: From 1800 – 5399 points.
  • Regular soldiers: From 5400 – 10799 points.
  • Main soldiers: From 10800 -18899 points.
  • Elite soldiers: From 18900 to 32399 points.
  • Experienced: From 32400 to 67499 points.
  • Spiritual leader: From 67500 points or more.

It sounds like a lot, but if you are a real gamer and passionate about this shooter series, it will not be difficult for you to achieve these achievements and help your Clan to rank high in the rankings.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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