Check out all the missions you can’t miss in DDTank

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In DDTank will milestones corresponding to new levels for gamers to have the opportunity to upgrade their strength when possessing high-end pet, high-class weapons. Not to mention some of the basic parameters that are raised when leveling up to help gamers gain more feature points on items such as attack, speed, health, or defense. Therefore, plowing EXP to level up quickly is also an important factor in the game.

There are many ways you can plow experience in DDTankThe simplest way is to join battles with equally strong opponents, or participate in boss hunting, another way that gamers often do it is quests, this is also a way to plow EXP and items. Now let point through the task Active Score, the place that earns the most EXP of the day.

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Check out the easy quest to earn EXP and items in DDTank

Credits is a daily reset quest system, with 3 types of rewards:

  • Bonus points for the day: Gold, Diamond, Loa and Cuong Hoa.
  • Rewards for each mission: Points for Points, EXP, Gold.
  • Weekly Rewards: Diamonds.

DDTANK Mission

The types of tasks are very simple, you can complete right away such as:

  • Log in
  • Poke someone’s house wall
  • Donate bang
  • Level up for Pet
  • Gifts for you
  • Buy items in the shop
  • Buy gems 5 times

DDTANK Mission

Just a few simple steps, you have thousands of EXP points and essential items will fly into your inventory, this EXP will help you increase a few levels if you are starting at a small level.

Some other tasks such as:

Receive gifts from you: You need to eat and live well to receive gifts from others to help you complete the task.

Copy hunting: You will accompany your teammates to complete the mission so there is nothing to worry about.

Also the task of participating in online PVP tournaments and destroying the enemy. To solve these tasks more easily, you should join the 1vs1 Entertaining Tournament mode, then your match will happen quickly and you will not have to spend too much time and effort to complete the quest. service.

As for players who like bigger challenges, they can join the rank battle to both climb the ranks and do the tasks!

DDTANK Mission

There are some missions that you can do easily and quickly to earn yourself EXP and items, with experience points and items that will save you a lot of time, especially. for gamers who are new to the game and do not have much experience.

If you have difficulty in playing DDTank on your Android phone, you can refer to the article on how to download and install DDTank on your computer and how to play DDTank on your computer.

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