Justice League version of Zack Snyder set release date next month

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This is a version that must be called “unprecedented”. In 2017, when the Justice League (Alliance justice) debuted to a wide-screen audience that didn’t live up to fans’ expectations. The film was originally directed by Zack Snyder but then Warner Bros. decided to replace him with director Joss Whedon. This new director immediately added 80 pages of script with more humor and brighter tones to limit the violent scenes from the original version of Snyder. Thought this was the right step, but no, fans did not fully appreciate Justice League (2017). And from here, a movement from genuine DC fans broke out. They called on Warner Bros to release the original four-hour version of Zack Snyder, which Joss Whedon hadn’t gotten his hands on. Although initially adamantly denied it, later, possibly because the movement was too strong, the company confirmed that it would release the original standard-tuned version of Snyder on HBO Max.

Directors Zack Snyder (left) and Joss Whedon (right).

Director Zack Snyder is the man who gave birth to the DC Cinematic Universe with Man of Steel after the movie trilogy Dark Knight Christopher Nolan’s film ended in 2012. This director was highly appreciated by Warner Bros for his ability as well as his success after adapting. Watchmen and 300 From comics to movies. Moreover, the studio also set expectations that his unique style will help DC’s classic heroes overcome rival Marvel.

Recently, on the official Twitter account, director Zack Snyder announced 2 posters for his 4-hour version of Justice League. And the audience can easily see, the official release date will be March 18, 2021.


This is not too special news for those who regularly follow this director. He once announced on Vero social network that this version will be released in March of this year, but has not had a specific date. And in an interview with ComicBook.com, he also shared what’s new about this version compared to Joss Whedon’s theatrical version – including Jared Leto’s Joker-related scenes.

However, it is still unclear in which countries the film will be shown on HBO Max.​

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