Soul at Stake is a bloody Chinese horror game that makes people cry

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In recent years, the role-playing game market of the martial arts genre is gradually becoming saturated in China, and players gradually want new spices, which requires game publishers to not be able to go forever. Wear traditional role-playing games. And the first bright spot for the skin-changing journey can be mentioned the newly released Indentity 5 name, which has caused a fever not only in the mainland market but also in the international gaming community. .


Following the success of the line horror gamea very new transformation, Chinese game studios have released many attractive games, including the latest game called Soul at Stake. This is a new product of China’s Choming Studio, through the gameplay recorded by players during early testing, it can be seen that the game has bold Chinese culture, accompanied by a dark scene. make the player shiver.


Soul at Stake is considered a unique horror survival game, the perfect combination of Dead by Daylight with Friday the 13th: The Game. The game is set in an ancient China setting, where the stories are thrilling and unresolved. Joining the game, players will enter a 1v4 war where you can play the role of one of the characters with different circumstances such as losing a loved one, for personal purposes, for money, for being possessed by a demon. trick, the player will participate in a gambling game with the demon named Xi’E, the player’s task is to solve puzzles, collect cards to break the seal of the demons that Xi’E holds, Xi ‘E has always wanted to hold a human’s soul and players will have to worry about what it will cause.


This will be a tense and fierce battle, actually Xi’E doesn’t have the formidable power of killing someone but it has the ability to turn people into monsters, it hits the weak point of the human. man and his greed to dictate, and man will sell his soul to it. Along with that, there are thousands of surprises still waiting for players to discover.
Overall Soul at Stake is a new breakthrough of the Chinese game market, the game will let you experience a fascinating adventure and surely fans of horror games, this is definitely a game not to be missed. can be ignored.

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