After more than 2 years of release, the hidden ending of Metal Gear Solid 5 has been revealed thanks to a bug

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain There is a planned hidden ending that will only be unlocked if all players choose to remove all of their nukes. This is almost an impossible task, because as always, there are people who like to do the opposite of the majority. However, last week, this ending was suddenly announced even though there are still a huge number of nuclear weapons in the game. Today, the publisher has acknowledged that it is a game error, not that they changed their original mind.


This ending is discovered when the player searches through the game’s files. It should have been hidden, and only appeared when all players completed the request. However, it was lying there, completely unprotected, and anyone could see it. In the ending, Big Boss and his group of mercenaries declare that all nuclear weapons in the world have been destroyed. In Metal Gear Solid DRAW, players can craft this ultimate weapon and store it in their base, while other players can steal them and use for themselves. Many fans of the series have tried their best to accomplish the goal of “destroying nuclear weapons” to trigger the game’s hidden ending. In contrast, a group of other gamers “staunchly” resisted the attempt.


This hidden ending was finally activated for players on PC last Friday. The problem is, there are still a lot of players who own nuclear weapons. The official Metal Gear Twitter page has confirmed that the ending was triggered by unknown reasons.

“The last nuclear disarmament event has been activated on the Steam version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on 2/2 at 12:00 GMT”_Metal Gear Twitter announced_“We still don’t know the cause, but can confirm it was activated while the nukes were still in existence in the game.”

According to the most recent calculation last month, there are still 4,110 players who have more than 7,000 atomic bombs in their arsenal. Many other players have worked tirelessly to accomplish the aforementioned goal of unlocking a game’s “no more nukes” ending, and suddenly got this ending when the work was unfinished. . Are they happy? Not at all, because sometimes the joy is not in the end, but in the process. Receiving the end before completing the work is really a big grain, making all their previous efforts seem to have “died the river”.


In fact, although the total elimination of nuclear weapons has never been completed, at one point it was almost there. The PS4 version of the game still had 1942 atomic bombs left on the last count. As for the Xbox One version, that number is only 331. Metal Gear fans believe they will reach that ending again, soon, and this time by way of the main road, not anymore. due to a bug in the game.

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