For no reason “discoloration” of a character worth 700 million, male gamers sued Google

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Recently, Korean media continuously reported that a player over 50 years old of this country has filed a lawsuit Google after the favorite character in the title mobile games that he was playing suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. Moreover, this player has poured a lot of time, effort and money to “raise” this character.


According to research, around July this year, the above player downloaded a mobile game called “신강호” (Tan Giang Ho) from Google Play, within 2 months, he loaded the game 350 times with a total amount of up to 33.51 million Won (about 693 million VND), all of the above money was used to level up the character. However, recently after changing his Google account password, when he logged into the game, he discovered that his character had disappeared.​

Image provided by the player

Google suggested that players should ask the Chinese developer LE TUI Network Technology directly for more reasons, but things didn’t work out, he couldn’t get the character back. The male gamer thinks that the cause of everything is the change of the Google account password, so he decided to sue Google in the Busan city court (Korea), asking for compensation for the character promotion fee of 33.51 million Won and 10 million Won (211 million VND) mental costs.​


However, Google said that in Korea, they are only in charge of providing services and online advertising, Google Play is actually located in the US headquarters, moreover, Google is only a payment agent, so it has no responsibility in the matter. this. Contrary to Google’s opinion, the player’s lawyer said that Google Korea earned profits from the games, so they could not deny the responsibility, moreover, they forced Korean players to go to the US to sue. is completely absurd. It is known that the Busan court will open the first trial on December 22 to hear the case.​

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