While shooting “tense”, he was disturbed by his son, the 84-year-old gamer sulked because he lost the game

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Through many stories shared on social networks in recent years, it can be seen that games are not only entertainment products for young people, there is no shortage of elderly gamer Still enthusiastic, sticking to the game titles as much as young people. There are many people who have become Streamers or NPCs in the game to satisfy their passion. However, no matter how old a gamer is, they definitely have one thing in common: they don’t want to be disturbed while playing their favorite game, so is the old man in the story below.​


Recently on Weibo (a Chinese social networking site) appeared a video attracting the attention of gamers. The main character in the video is Mr. Chen, 84 years old, currently living in Lanzhou city, Gansu province, China. While playing OverwatchMr. Tran’s son called out to his father to come in for a meal, interrupting his game play. This seems to have made Mr. Tran unhappy, as a result, the 84-year-old gamer decided to skip meals because he sulks his son.


According to Mr. Tran’s son, before retiring, he was originally a programmer, so he had been familiar with computers for a long time, and he was proficient in basic computer operations. Once, Mr. Tran’s son was sitting at home playing a game, he immediately stood behind to watch, initially scolding his son for not working properly, but after watching for a while, Mr. Tran himself was attracted to the game. Now he plays every day for about 3 to 5 hours, sometimes even all night. That is to see, no matter how old, gamers are the same, have a passion for their favorite games.​

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