How has GTA changed over the past 2 decades?

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One of the series with 20 years of life, the series of products Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has shown players the evolution of the entire game series across 14 versions and even the game world over the past 2 decades. Each game has its own plot, some characters, but the common point gives players strange emotions. Rockstar Games has managed to make each game a fresh look, eventually becoming one of the best open world games ever.


It started off as a simple 2D game where the main task was simply stealing cars and running away. The first GTA was released in 1998 with only a few missions and most of them were to “test” the player’s driving skills. Not long after that, the game series officially switched to the 3D platform with GTA III. This is a major turning point for the entire series, pushing later products to move into the open and free world as it is now. GTA III has several spin-offs such as Vice City and San Andreas, which greatly expand the scope of the game going forward.


But until 2008, when GTA III released its successor, GTA IV, a game that acted as a “reset” of the entire series. By bringing players into the role of immigrants from Eastern Europe – Niko Bellic, gamers will come to the underworld Liberty City, where Niko Bellic wants to realize his own “American dream”.


However, GTA really stepped to the top, it must come to the game GTA DRAW released in 2013, bringing the entire series to a new level with the first time gamers can play up to 3 characters with 3 different lives. GTA V eventually became the best-selling game in the history of the world gaming industry. So let’s take a look back at the development journey throughout the 20 years of this game series to witness the great change of not only GTA but also of the gaming world of the past 2 decades.


Grand Theft Auto – 8/10

The biggest attraction of GTA is the freedom that the game allows players to exercise. With most games at the time, you could just go where the quest required. However, for GTA, you can go anywhere on the map. There are only two things that make players really pay attention to that is being caught or… killed. The real joy of GTA is the feeling of lust and joy when suddenly feeling inspired to do something outside of your duties. Then you have to decide how to escape or will have to “measure the ground” with bullets going through you.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 – 5.9/10

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 still retains what the first version did, which is freedom and no barrier in any action of gamers. It was still a stressful feeling when being chased, but the game didn’t have any more spectacular progress than the first version, so it didn’t resonate with players at the time.


Grand Theft Auto 2 – 6.8/10

GTA 2 gives players around the world much controversy. For gamers who have high expectations from the first version, GTA 2 does not bring many new colors. But for casual gamers, at least GTA 2 has made some significant progress in terms of graphics such as the brightness of colors as well as the detail of the city.


Grand Theft Auto III – 9.6/10

Rockstar’s development team and DMA’s design clearly spent a lot of time creating the turning point for GTA III. Because, GTA III is really a product of top quality and that quality is reflected in every element, from graphics, sound to plot. GTA III is so excellent that it can satisfy players whether they want to do story missions or simply get in the car and go wreak havoc on the city. GTA III was really a great experience of youth for gamers at that time.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 9.6/10

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City offers everything you want for an excellent game. A bigger city, more bad guys and better gameplay and graphics in almost every material form the finished product. This game tells gamers a compelling storyline and complements what was lacking in GTA III. And even if you missed GTA III GTA: Vice City will finish telling them what happened in the previous version.


“To be continued”

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