CF2L season 2 2018: Only 20 days left to register!

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According to the announcement from the BTC, the stage of registration and confirmation of competition CF2L 2018 season 2 will take place from June 30 to July 29, the tournament will take place officially from the beginning of August 2018. Although information about the tournament was only revealed a few days ago, more than 80 teams have registered to participate, of which 50 have confirmed success. Only 20 days left to register, E-sports enthusiasts CFL Hurry up and register now!


Compared to the number of 220 registered teams and 85 valid teams, eligible to compete at CF2L season 1 2018, in season 2, even though registration was only opened for more than 10 days, there were 50 successful confirmed teams that proved attractive. of the new season opening for the last 6 months of the year. Currently, most of the teams with “face” representing the big clans have not yet “shown themselves”. Is this one of the competitive tactics of the big clans CFL racing when the registration opening time closes at the end of the month? It’s all just speculation. For now, CFL enthusiasts should hurry up and don’t miss the opportunity to receive extremely attractive prizes from the CF2L season 2 tournament along with the opportunity to be promoted to the CFL Pro League semi-pro League opportunity for game teams to get slots to the Star League pro and the opportunity to participate in The Legends playoffs).

Join us to meet Lala team, 01 out of 50 teams that have confirmed their registration to compete in CF2L season 2. Lala team was known by the ADC community through the Miss & Lady Cup 2017 tournament with its beautiful female ADCs. pretty.


Hello Vuong Hong Ngoc, it is known that Lala team has successfully registered to compete in CF2L season 2 in August. As a talented female team, why don’t you wait to compete at Miss & Lady Cup 2018 but eagerly attend the CF2L season 2 open tournament?

Lala will send the male team to compete in CF2L season 2 2018 to gain experience, and Miss & Lady Cup 2018 will be competed by Lala’s female team. At first, Lala only had female members, but later there were also male members, so she decided to let boys participate in the CF2L tournament. Regardless of the tournament, Lala team is looking forward to the official competition day and preparing to practice fully.

What do Ngoc and the male Lala team athletes prepare for this tournament? Are there any new line-ups or tactics in your starting lineup at this tournament?

Team Lala male is considered a new team (new line-up). Lala joins the fun, but wants to interact with other big CFL clan members to learn experience, tactics, and gameplay to improve. There are not always large-scale tournaments for us to compete high and low and study with other strong pro teams. In addition, members of the Lala team regularly train on a fixed schedule to better understand how to play the strengths of each member and come up with the most suitable strategy.

Don’t forget to register to compete in CF2L season 2 2018 with extremely attractive prizes from NPH VNG including 34 million VND in cash and many ingame items worth hundreds of millions.​

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