CF2L is ready to start with 220 registered game teams

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Today is the last day to register for CF2L SS1 2018 – Tournament CFL The first of 2018, is an opportunity for game teams who want to advance to professional tournaments in the mobile tournament system eSports CrossFire Legends of NPH VNG. According to the share from BTC, up to now, CF2L SS1 2018 has 220 registered game teams. In particular, the number of legally registered and eligible game teams to participate in the competition is up to 95 teams.

After the registration deadline ends today, tomorrow, February 27, the organizers will start drawing and dividing the competition table. Game teams will have more time to prepare and learn about their opponents until the end of March 5, starting from March 6, the first matches of CF2L SS1 2018 will officially start. The tournament will have a total prize of up to 500,000,000 VND along with the opportunity to participate in the Pro League for 2 Champion and Runner-up teams.


In addition to the updated list of notable teams from major clans participating in CF2L SS1 2018 such as Mercenaries, The Saint, Begin Clan’s Assassin; BanMe.Star by CF PC. CF2L also has teams that are determined to become semi-specialists when changing blood, getting a new name, recruiting more members such as: IMMORTAL clan Storm; Umbrella, Justice of the Avenger top 1 Server; KINGS of the famous King clan of CFM; NO FEAR of VN Royal with excellent sniper Chim Iron; Butterfly Team from the AHIHITEAM clan; Kindergarten belongs to the famous clan Phoenix. There are also two outstanding female teams from the Begin clan: Begin Beautiful Girls and Proud from clan Proud. In addition, there is the Hydra CFL team of the legendary Phoenix clan.


On March 6, CF2L SS1 2018 will officially kick off. CrossFire Legends followers don’t miss the exciting matches of this 2018 opening season.

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