Letting customers play Net through Tet for 7 days, the shop owner was upset when he lost a million dong

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Cases of sitting still at net shop Day and night for a week is no longer a rare occurrence. Thanks to these special guests, the shop owners consider it a “bargain”, but sometimes the risks also come from here. The big customers are nowhere to be seen, but they are all met with “money without a penny in their pocket” who still blatantly sit and play calmly and leisurely “like a god”, until the payment is made because there is no money to pay, causing the owner to have to angry.

As recently, a net shop owner in Binh Duong had to urgently post a forum to share his case on a forum net business At the beginning of the first year of the month, he encountered an unlucky case of being “smashed” by nearly 1 million VND after a whole week of sitting idle.​


According to the above shop owner, this young man played at the shop from the 1st to the time of posting for exactly 7 days, the total cost was nearly 800,000 VND. But when the bill was finished, he said that the money in the phone case was lost. It is worth mentioning here that the money is lost but the phone is still intact. The subject asked to leave the phone at the weekend to redeem it, but the owner did not agree because the phone was not worth 100 thousand. The shop owner has contact with the youth’s family but does not receive cooperation, even saying “do what he wants to do” but does not accept to pay instead. The owner of the restaurant posted the forum hoping to receive high opinions from colleagues, so how to handle this case.

Portrait of a young man sitting on the net for a week without paying, making the shop owner’s blood boil

All kinds of “plans” from other net shop owners are given such as cleaning the shop, cleaning the toilet or sending to the police to solve… In fact, debt capture plans like this have all been approved by the owners. the shop came out.


This is also considered a memorable lesson in the career of any net shop owner. To avoid the above cases, the best shop owners should apply all the methods of depositing money into the account, deposit as much as you can or limit the playing time, how long you play, and pay once. You may lose heart first, but you won’t have to deal with awkward stories like this again!

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