How to make money in the effective Minecraft game

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Not only in fact but also in the game money is also very important, making it easy for gamers to buy items, upgrade equipment for the game and Minecraft is no exception.

Minecraft game money in Dolla ($), used to buy and sell items in the shop, buy and sell in the black market, transact with other players or pay taxes to maintain your Town. As you can see, money is very important, right? So how to make money? This is probably the question many gamers are wondering to find answers. So invite you to refer to the article below to accumulate more experience for yourself:

How to make money in the effective Minecraft game

1. Cutting wood:

First prepare an ax to cut the wooden sword, when you find a tree, left-click until it breaks down into blocks of wood. From those blocks you will exchange money easily for money. Note that you should not make a wooden board if you leave it intact.

There are two types of wood that can be exchanged for silver: dark oak and thorn siamese. Then, type in the command “/ warp kenny“In exchange for silver, every 1 silver equals $ 50:

  • 64 thorn sapwood -> 1 silver.

Exchange thorn siamese wood for silver

  • 64 dark oak -> 1 silver.

Exchange oak for silver

2. Rocking:

Similar to the way of cutting wood, you should work hard to break the stone in exchange for money. Note must be pure stone or Andesite or marble to trade:

  • 64 stones + 64 stones -> 1 silver.

Exchange stones for silver

  • 64 marble -> 1 silver.

Exchange marble for silver

  • 64 polished Andesite stones -> 1 silver.

Exchange Andesite stones for silver

3. Digging clay:

Clay is often found in small lakes, seas, and generally in watery areas. Dig clay and fabricate it into 1 block of hard clay to change silver according to the formula: 64 hard clay + 64 hard clay -> 1 silver.

Exchange clay for silver

4. Harvest agricultural products:

Harvest the watermelon and pumpkins into a small block, if there is no softness, then we will lose more money so those who are not soft should make it into 1 block. Later type command/ warp kenny “ move to the transaction site. Here there are villagers, right-clicking on the villagers will appear a menu of items to trade:

  • 64 watermelon + 64 watermelon -> 1 silver.

Exchange watermelon for silver

  • 64 pumpkins + 64 pumpkins -> 1 silver.

Exchange pumpkins for silver

These are the ideal ways to make money without worrying about death. In addition, you can farm monsters, but this way is very easy to die from being attacked by monsters, falling lava … To know how to earn some other valuable resources please refer how to go mine in Minecraft you!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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