League of Legends: How to counter Magic Assassin mid lane

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In League of Legends (League of Legends), in addition to physical damage assassins that are very popular in mid and capable of quickly killing opponents, magical assassins are also used a lot, especially during the period. recent time. Let’s join Download.vn to learn how to counter the generals capable of ending the opponent extremely quickly with a huge amount of AP in the following article.


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Instructions on how to counter magic assassins mid lane

How scary is a magic killer?

It can be said that, in League of Legends, the 2 stats AP (ability power) and AD (attack power) both have pretty equal damage levels. In the past, when it comes to mid lane, the player will often think of the mage control, that is, the ability to control the lane well, farm and push the lane. Or the physical assassins with the ability to shock dame and finish off prey in seconds. However, recently with the dramatic change of the game meta, the change of the equipment and skills of the generals, the Magical Assassin is emerging with outstanding strength. There are a few typical generals such as Diana, Ekko, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina … And there are the following factors to create the “hegemony” of magic assassins:

  • The skill set is almost perfect with a huge amount of magic damage when it comes to core items.
  • Magic-type equipment such as Demon Thu, Sand Clock, Hextech Belt … provide a good amount of stats for both attack and defense, making it easier to play magical assassins.
  • Ability “snowball” extremely good.
  • Most have the ability to escape, approach or create armor to create more mobility and toughness than other mages.
  • A lot of players have not yet appreciated the dangers of the magical assassin.
Kassadin - Assassins are slowly returning to the arena of justice
Kassadin – Assassins are slowly returning to the arena of justice

How to counter magic assassins mid lane

Although they have a lot of magic damage, but by nature these champions are still assassins, but most assassins will have low health. This is one of the inherent weaknesses. The second weakness is the ability to push the lane or control the lane extremely poor with a set of skills that are born to assassinate the target. There are also some other weaknesses that we can take advantage of to offer the following countermeasures:

  • Using champions with powerful generals in health, damage, healing; Usually Gladiators or Tankers. A Renekton or Riven won’t flinch in lane with any magic assassin in the early game. The advantage will definitely be for you.
  • Using champions with strong control abilities such as stun, transform, suppress … Assassins in general and magic assassins in particular with their relatively low health are extremely afraid of control.
  • Uses Morgana or champions with magic shields.
  • Pushes the lane continuously, forcing the assassins to come back to the tower and not get the farm stats. With their rather poor lane pushing ability, the magic assassins will be quite “in” the soldiers and create conditions for you to outperform the farm and level stats.
  • Almost all magic assassins are weak early game due to the lack of items needed. Take advantage of that, poke and force your opponent to turret or go home continuously heal, creating a great advantage in exp and gold. Note the eye placement to avoid the enemy jungle gank.
  • Use mobility to counter it. Try to pick champions with escape skills when the other side has Diana, Ekko …
  • Even if the magic assassins have enough core items, you can still use them The Hourglass Zhonya To prolong battle, to facilitate support for teammates.
Black Shield Morgana - A solid wall
Black Shield Morgana – A solid wall

Hopefully with the sharing in the article, you will find out how to counter Assassin for your own. Remember, any champion has a weakness and it’s our job to find it.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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