Responding to gamers, Call of Duty: Warzone “banned” 50,000 hackers

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As previously reported, gamers Call of Duty: Warzone extremely dissatisfied with the phenomenon hack/cheat increased rapidly and somewhat out of control recently. They once asked Infinity Ward to tighten control on Asian servers – where this phenomenon occurs more often to minimize the above situation. Today, the developer has released the list of hackers who were initially removed from the game as an answer to the players.​


The most common cheats in the title shooting game This is the aimbot – which allows the player to lock onto the target and ensure no miss, the wallhack – which gives the player the ability to see through obstacles and buildings. Yesterday (March 31), Activision and Infinity Ward shared their specific actions against the hacker/cheater. In addition, they revealed that more than 50,000 accounts were permanently banned worldwide just 3 weeks after the game’s launch.

Infinity Ward says it has security teams monitoring 24/7 to investigate data and identify breaches. This team will investigate all possible acts of fraud such as aimbots, wallhacks and others, and participate in system improvements, simplifying UI to make reporting easier.​


All report requests will be analyzed as quickly as possible, after the analysis is over, the developer will try to ban the account immediately if cheating is detected. Hopefully, the company’s strong and close measures from the beginning can help limit this negative phenomenon.

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