Can’t see the host, can’t show the network on Garena Plus, what to do?

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The situation is that I have downloaded Garena to play the empire with my friends online. Today, when I went in, the show didn’t show any network, this is the first time I encountered it. Please tell me the reason and how to fix this error, thank you very much.


Usually, when your internet connection is too weak or overloaded, it is normal to not show the network. Don’t worry, you can wait when the network is healthy or turn off applications that fight multiple internet connections. You should download Garena the latest version to get many new features and more stable internet connection mode.

Download Garena latest version here: Garena

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To optimize those conditions, when you want to play games, you should turn off downloading applications such as uTorrent, IDM, according to professional gamers, when playing games, leaving uTorrent, IDM running with the computer will reduce the smoothness of the game. game, can’t even load the game like in your case, besides, there are applications that are in hidden update mode such as anti-virus software … and unnecessary heavy programs on the system. it will optimize Ram and play faster.

These errors are caused by transmission problems or overload, please check the Internet connection parameters before playing the game. Should limit the use of wifi, 3G to play on garena because the connection is unstable, so lag often occurs.

In addition, you can also use Garena Total to support better gaming when participating in Garena, download the latest version of Garena Total here: Garena Total

I add some interesting news if you are a Fan of the game League of Legends, the publisher has developed and brought to users a version of Garena for Mobile called Gas, this application is available on Android and iPhone. . When using Gas, players will be able to participate in spinning to receive items for the game League of Legends.

With the above fixes, hopefully you will see other networks in Game Empire. (You can download the most standard version of the empire here: Game Empire – Version without blur)
As you know, playing empire on Garena is the first choice today compared to playing aoe on CGA (Chinese game network), if you are still not sure whether to play empire on Garena or CGA, Taimienphi advises You should play Garena.

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