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In Empire there is an interesting feature that is chatting with numbers from 1 – 25. However, these numbers are very important to gamers because if you do not know the meaning of each number, chat, communication … requirements, tactics will be confused. In the article below, will help you learn more about the meaning and usage of these numbers.

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If you have ever played the game Empire, you must have used numbers like 1, 2 …. 25 while outside the Chat room, as well as in the match, right? However, many players do not really know the content and meaning of each number. Simply type in some numbers like 1, 2, 5 or 23 – These are the most common numbers while playing empire.

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Above all, the numbers in that empire, are the different ways that gamers want to communicate with their teammates in each match as well as creating a comfortable mentality for themselves and causing inhibitions. for your opponent. Because of that, understanding the meaning of each number is one of the important factors, most players learn those meanings right from playing empire as well as learning how to play AOE empire, experience play AOE for beginners

When you know the meaning of each number, you will know what your teammates need, how to coordinate and how to come up with tactics. If you are not sure, it is easy to not understand each other’s ideas and there will be no effective attacks or defenses.

Meaning of numbers in the Empire

first: Yes
2: No – The meaning of the numbers in aoe is “No”
3: I need food: “Give me some real food”
4: Somebody pass the wood: “Pump me some wood”
5: Gold, please: The meaning of the numbers in aoe is “Who gives you some gold”
6: Give me some stone: the meaning of numbers in the empire “Send me some stone”
7: The meaning of the numbers in aoe is “so depressed”
ten: Hey, I’m in your town: Meaning of numbers in aoe “I’m in your own house”

11: Boeee: Whisper
twelfth: Join me: Follow me
13: I don’t think so: I don’t think so
14: Start the game already: Prepare to fight
15: Who’s the man? Meaning of numbers in aoe: “someone”
16: Attack them now: Attack now
17: Hahahaha
18: I’m weak, please don’t kill me: I’m weak, please don’t hit me
19: The meaning of the number 19 in aoe is to laugh “Hahahaha”

20: I just got some satisfaction: I just got it again
21: Hey, nice town: the meaning of the numbers in the empire “Hehe, do you think the house is beautiful”
22: We will not tolerate this behavior: “we will not forgive you”
23: Get out: Quit that’s the meaning of the numbers in aoe
24: last go!

How to use numbers in the Empire

Usually in amateur Empire matches, the use of tactically meaningful numbers is not much. Most gamers often use a simple number like 1 or 2. 23. to mean agree (1), disagree (2) and use laughs to mock opponents. player (19. 17). In addition, some gamers also use the number 5 to imply loss (The word commonly used in today’s gaming community is Five = Lying).

Besides, understanding the meaning of numbers will also make it easier for you to use them, depending on the times and circumstances, it is necessary to use numbers instead of chatting each sentence. Obviously, it will make the opponent look at you and know your own tactics and begging for food

Empire is a strategic thinking game, the quick rise in the empire determines much to win – lose of the match, so you should learn how to get up fast in the empire to dominate the game.
In addition, if you want to cheat while playing the game, you can use the Empire command to ask for real, wood … to be able to win the fastest.

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