China’s open world game suddenly hit a record of more than 170,000 online gamers on Steam

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Tale of Immortal Although just entering the stage Early Access for a week but immediately became one of the hottest games on Steam. With the amount online players Reaching over 172,000, Tale of Immortal is currently the fifth most popular game on Valve’s platform, beating Grand Theft Auto 5 and Rust. Steam users also give very positive reviews for this game

Tale of Immortal’s success is partly due to the explosive and frequent release of Chinese games on Steam over the past few years. Life simulation game Chinese Parents and martial arts role-playing game The Scroll of Taiwu both topped Steam’s best-selling game list in 2018, of which The Scroll of Taiwu quickly sold more than 1 million copies in just a few months. debut.

In the last few years, Steam has become a familiar place for Chinese gamers due to the country’s censorship-related restrictions on media and the internet. Steam currently has over 30 million Chinese users, and Simplified Chinese is the platform’s second most popular language setting.

The fact that Chinese PC gamers are turning to Steam and buying open world games or RPGs is changing the previous perception of the Chinese game industry. While most Chinese gamers still opt for competitive MMOs or multiplayer games like League of Legends, games made by indie developers are exploding on Steam and even surpassing many titles. The game is a big investment.


The success of Tale of Immortal also represents the development of a new genre of games, which is gaining popularity recently. Tale of Immortal revolves around the theme “fairy god“, in which the player will go on a mystical journey. The player begins the journey as an ordinary person and then overcomes the rigorous cultivation process both physically and mentally to Break through and ascend into a fairy.

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