Tyler1 collaborates to become a creator of T1 – Reunion with Faker

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Tyler1 Is one streamer 25 years old. He is currently one of the famous streamer best on Twitch. He is also known for hosting his own branded tournament called The Tyler1 Championship Series. Even though it’s good to have a bad reputation toxic – resulting in him being Riot lock account for 2 years, but the community still loves Tyler1 because he is an emotional streamer.


T1 Entertainment & Sports wanted to expand their name to the United States, they decided to sign Tyler1. T1 Entertainment & Sports CEO Joe Marsh shared his thoughts on why he made this decision: “For us, someone like Tyler, we consider this a partnership content creation more than just a strict livestream agreement.”

“We see him as a creator. He doesn’t need us to be able to livestream. He is one of the big names in League of Legends community. For us, this is a step towards building our brand in the West. We have a team of Valorant advisors in the US, but League of Legends back in Korea and we’re just trying to build a new team there. So the idea of ​​doing content with Tyler is really appealing.”


Part of Marsh’s enthusiasm for signing also comes from Tyler1, as someone who understands the culture of League of Legends. As the company outlines potential content, having a successful developer as a creative partner offers tremendous value. As they want to grow bigger and more influential in the US, working with Tyler1 is a huge breakthrough.


While other companies are trying to reach streamers who play less competitive games, T1 is aimed at League of Legends. Also, some fans asked about Fakerasked if he was affected by this contract, Marsh also confirmed the path their company created for both 2:

“For us, the reason why we started expanding the list of creators is because Faker needs to focus on practicing to competition. So the search for new creators allows Faker and the player can spend all their time on their main job, which is to win another championship. Our goal is not to want one person to take on many tasks at once, players will only focus on competing and the creator will take on the responsibility of the creator.”

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