Call Of Duty Mobile: How to play the mode of one beat down

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Call Of Duty Mobile VN’s single-player mode has a simple game rule, perhaps this is a very suitable choice for CODM battle royale warriors after intense battle. How to play the one-bullet mode will require gamers to use the skill of one-shot-one with a single bullet as the name suggests. Below will be a detailed guide to the One-shot mode in the COD Mobile survival shooter.

Maps in One Bullet Down Mode

  • Firing Range, Standoff, Killhouse, Nuketown, Summit, Crash.
Game Call Of Duty Mobile VN
Game Call Of Duty Mobile VN

How to play One bullet take down mode

  • Play mode in single match format, lasting 10 minutes / 1 match.
  • There is only 1 pistol J358 and you are tasked with killing 7 players.
  • J358 gun has 3 bullets, each bullet can knock down the target immediately and will take 5 seconds to recover 1 bullet.
  • The match ends when any player kills the first 20 lives.
  • When playing, there will be relay tanks dropped with random frequency and position so you will have to pay attention to get them. When you do, you will be increased by 6 bullets and the recovery speed will also increase significantly. The effectiveness of the supply box lasts 20 seconds, so you need to make the most of the effect it gives.
Mode of play One member beaten in Call Of Duty Mobile VN
Mode of play One member beaten in Call Of Duty Mobile VN

Winning Tips in One-Shot Mode

  • Move quickly and continuously to avoid being hit by bullets from the opponent.
  • When the ammo is out, quickly run or close to the enemy with melee weapons such as: a knife, a stick, etc.
  • Try to capture the supply box to expand the magazine and increase the ammo’s recovery speed by 10 times.

Update: 11/21/2020

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