Instructions to install and play Homescapes on your phone

Homescapes is a game similar to the game Gardenscapes, here with the guidance of Austin housekeeper and participating in minigames to collect objects and remodel the house, become more beautiful.

With attractive graphics, along with extremely simple gameplay, this is a game that many people choose to be entertaining to reduce stress after working as well as studying. The following will be the article instructions for downloading and playing Homescapes on your phone, please consult.

Instructions to install the game Homescapes

In this article we would like to introduce the steps to install the game on Android, you can also do the same for iOS, or click the download button below.

Download Homescapes on Android Download Homescapes on iOS

Step 1: First, open the app store Google Play on the phone up.

Step 2: Enter keywords Homescapes and press the button Search.

Step 3: Press the button Setting, then wait a while for the game to download to your device.

Step 4: When the download is finished, tap the button Open to start playing this game.

Open the Google Play app Press the Install buttonClick the Open button

Instructions for playing the game Homescapes

At the main interface of the game, click the button Play to start playing either linked with Facebook account so you can see a friend’s house designing.

Press the Play button

Next, wait a moment for the game’s system to update the data.

Wait for the system to download the game data

At this time, the housekeeper character Austin Will send us greetings and basic instructions on how to play this game, click triangle at the bottom of the dialog box to ignore.

Click on the triangle

In this game, players will have to play a puzzle to earn stars and exchange for items to rebuild the house. The way to play this game is also simple, I just need to move types of widgets Left or right, up or down, so that at least 3 objects of the same type are arranged in a column and row and then collect them. Each level of the game has a different requirement and challenge, so you need to think and calculate how to complete the task.

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Play a puzzle game

After completing the quest, the player will receive a star. Collect many stars to exchange items.

Complete the game screen to receive stars

When there are stars, tap icon of message board.

Click on the icon of the message board

Touch the button Do-it to be able to exchange stars and get home repair supplies.

Press the Do-it button

Click and select the item you want to put in the house, then press the yes button tick mark.

Choose objects

Next, let’s name the character mine.

Name the character

Finally, continue to play the puzzle game, complete the challenges at each level and collect many stars to be able to restore the house to become more beautiful.

Above, is the article on how to install and play Homescapes on your phone, hope that this game will help you relax after focusing on work as well as study.

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Wish you all success

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