How to recognize and use the Biome in the game Minecraft

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Minecraft is currently the hottest construction game today. With the gameplay open and unlimited in both space and gameplay, this is a World where players can live, build and explore exciting things, depending on their creativity and passion. me.

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With the features included in the game that rely heavily on real life outside, Minecraft gives players a rich, virtual but also quite real experience. In addition to being able to build their own houses, in this game, players can also taming mobs become pets, self Create vehicles to move In the game, in addition, also learn how to craft food, create basic objects for use in the game.

Not only that. Minecraft also has a system of extremely beautiful, creative and attractive wonders. The use of those wonders and the biomes to exploit resources is also a way many players use today.

How to identify and exploit the biome in the game Minecraft used to have articles to guide you how to earn gifts in the wonders of the game Hey, today we will learn one more way, that is, the exploitation of biomes. So, what is biome? How do they work? And how to recognize them? Please follow the article below.

What is Biome in minecraft game?

It can be understood that biomes are different types of terrain, each of which has a different biome. These populations will help players earn different types of resources to use during game play.

1. Extreme Hills

Extreme Hills

This is a large population area, mostly land, with occasional snow, but quite a bit. The main terrain here is mounds and hills are high, with elevations ranging from 50 to 110 layers.


  • This biome 100% contains emerald. Therefore, if you meet this biome while you play, you should make the most of it and dig up emerald as much as you can.
  • However, the terrain of Extreme Hills is very dangerous, making it difficult for players to build houses.
  • If we fall from this biome, our character might be in danger.

Resources can be extracted from Extreme Hills:

  • In addition to the popular ingredients, there is also emerald.

2. Cold Taiga

cold taiga

True to its name, this area is a vast, year-round taiga forest covered in white snow and single trees.


  • Lots of snow, ice and wood.
  • There are wolves. If the player wants, they can be turned into pets (see the instructions on how to use the MyPet feature) or “take” them.
  • Water in this biome is quite rare, because most of them are frozen.
  • The trees here grow quite tall, and when cut 3-4 blocks, they will fall to the lower leaf layers. However, there will be cases where the player has to block blocks in order to be able to perform or harvest timber.

Resources that can be extracted from Cold Taiga:

  • Ice, snow, and wood.

3. Mega Taiga

MEga taiga

This could be considered a special type of taiga biome. They do not have snow, trees are twice as tall as in Cold Taiga, and in particular, the trees have up to four trunks (trees in cold taiga have only one stem).


  • Because the tree is too tall with few leaves, logging is difficult.
  • Stone can be grown with moss and new soil here for decoration.
  • There are wolves and lots of wood.

Resources can be exploited:

  • Podzol soil, mossy rocks, wood (if you try).

4. Desert

desert biome

A hot, dry desert filled with sand and cacti. The player can easily recognize it if he meets this biome.


  • Is one of the biome with a temple with valuable rewards and many different items.
  • The terrain is quite flat, the village is likely to be relatively high.
  • However, the water here is extremely rare, and there is no rain.
  • Do not have pets such as cats, cows, chickens …

Resources can be exploited:

  • Sand, cacti and hay.

5. Forest

jungle in minecraft game

A fairly simple terrain form with two main types of plants are oak and aries. This is an extremely beautiful biome, suitable for players who like lightness, romance and flying.


  • Beautiful scenery, lots of wood.
  • Difficult to build or move because there are too many trees.
  • The altitude in this biome often changes quite suddenly, if not noticed, it is easy to hurt.

Resources can be exploited:

  • Wood, crops and food.

6. Ice Spikes Plains

Ice Spikes Plains

A cool Biome, with most of the terrain covered with ice and snow, is extremely difficult to move. Only ice can be exploited here.

7. Mesa


Quite similar to Ice Spikes Plains, this is a beautiful and unique Biome, unlike any biome. Although it is difficult to move in Mesa, but in return, the player will earn quite a bit of resources here.

Resources can be exploited:

Clay, hard clay, and red sand.

8. Jungle


A wet biome with a variety of plants, giant in size.


  • Can be exploited to build houses, and at the same time search for other items.
  • Also can find temple in this biome.
  • There are mobs of wild cats.
  • Although the terrain is not flat, the scenery is quite beautiful. If you are a romantic person, and want to build a house on a tree, this is a great choice.

Resources can be exploited:

  • Wood, vines, moss and other items from the temple.

9. Mushroom Island

 Mushroom Island

This is one of the fairly rare biomes, called an island, but not only in the sea, but sometimes also found attached to the mainland.


  • It is an extremely rare biome and also extremely safe because mobs do not appear here.
  • An endless source of food for beef mushrooms and plain cows (for milk and mushroom soup).
  • There are no trees, and sometimes quite separate from other biomes.

Resources can be exploited:

  • Small mushrooms, mushrooms, beef, milk.

10. Ocean


Occupying the majority of the Minecraft World, this biome has two forms: Normal Ocean and Deep Ocean.

  • Ocean usually: Maximum depth is only 10 layers.
  • Deep Ocean: The average depth is 20, even 30 layers.


  • This is the most suitable form of biome to farm squid bags, or watch the sunset.
  • Like Mushroom Island, there are no mobs in Ocean.
  • But the area of ​​this biome is extremely large, if you want to overcome it, you must use a boat.

Resources can be exploited:

11. Plains


A biome with flat terrain and lower trees than Jungle, or Forest. Therefore, Plains is the best place to build, find other villages or raise cattle.

Resources can be exploited:

  • Grass and sunflower seeds.

12. Swampland


The Swamp is where Witches live, and it is also quite recognizable compared to other biomes.


  • The terrain is mostly water and is quite difficult to move.
  • Is the right place to build a house.
  • Note that there are a lot of slimes that appear here.

Resources can be exploited:

Clay, sugar cane, vines, brown mushrooms, red mushrooms, slime balls, and green orchids.

The above article has just instructed you how to recognize and exploit resources when meeting the biome in the game Minecraft. Hope this article will be useful and help you play Minecraft game better.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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