Bring the grit of real life into the game

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It sounds funny, but one thing the writer learned from the game is irony. Thinking carefully, the virtual world – where people have the right to throw all their imaginations into it, is the great destination, the most perfect shore to see it from the real world.

Helping a needy person in need, you will be praised, supported, and put your hands on the most valuable items. Stand up against evil, you will become a hero savior, the center of an entire world born just for yourself.

But far away from those fairy tales, far away from simple formulas with rewards and punishments, with the theorem that if you are good, you will be rewarded, if you are bad, you must be punished. They are almost clean, following the development of the virtual entertainment industry and the serious way of looking at the game, seeing it as a true artistic tool that conveys countless lessons from real life.

There are always choices, paths..

The game is no longer black and white, nor does it separate good from bad. They squeeze in between the two directions, putting in our minds a feeling of confusion, hesitation, hesitation… a feeling that must have been so familiar in everyday life.

The Witcher 3 – The game that is considered the most successful this year, is the best example of that. In the title RPG At the hands of CD Projekt Red, players always find themselves stuck in the mud of grimness, of choices that bite their conscience. Sometimes all we want is just a nice gesture, following our own reason as if it were a righteous act. But we don’t know that underneath the simple facade of the stories we hear are countless consequences leading to a dim future, where maybe we are the ones who will regret what we have done.


Somewhere in the game’s journey, you will accidentally cause a father to commit suicide by witnessing his only child leaving with extreme hatred, while his wife in the form of a monster slowly dies. Somewhere you will accidentally let a serial killer have the opportunity to kill many more lives just because of an impulsive minute. Somewhere, you will bury your head in regret for causing your loved ones to sacrifice… and then compress your excruciating pain into hatred and bloodlust, leading you to a humiliating ending.

In a world full of magic, monsters and mysteries… strangely closer to real life than ever. Of course, we don’t have to deal with monstrous monsters, evil forces that invade the world, but choice and its ironic consequences still cling to each of us at all times. The most painful endings you have to endure, ironically, all because you want to do good.. do what you think is right.

Somewhere has been, is and will come in life, you have to stand in front of such harsh roads. It’s when you have to tell all your secrets to a person, only to regret it simply because they never felt what they felt. That’s when deciding to move on in a relationship with the end approaching, wondering if continuing to fight will one day get everything back? Or just… sigh, let go of his hand, free that person from the ghost that bears his name..


That’s when we realize we’re just a sudden puppet, spinning in an endless vortex that has no control over, driven by boundless consequences that no one can know. Before, no one could understand. But if so, doesn’t life and everything we do become meaningless? Are we just a useless machine despite society deciding to change everything? No, we are not.

Because if we believe that what we choose is right, then everything, good or bad, doesn’t matter anymore, even if that choice makes us suffer and suffer. We’ll still laugh when we’re hurt… if we believe we’re right.​

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