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If you constantly follow Emergenceingame.Com, you must have known DC Unchainedgame title ARPG extremely beautiful from Korea for role-playing gamers Justice League infamous of the DC world. However, few people know when it was introduced before that DC Unchained was only in the beta phase, making the developer unable to support gamers as best as possible.


However, today is different when the development team of 4:33 Creative Lab has officially opened early registration for DC Unchained before this game is officially released on Mobile. If you register today, when the game launches on Android and iOS, gamers will receive countless valuable rewards according to different milestones.


There, if players reach 1 million registrations, 4:33 will give 3 free silver character cards, 1.5 million registrations are 6 silver character cards and a Joker card, and 2 million registrations are 9 silver cards with Batman – Joker duo. Therefore, remember to share this article so your friends can know about the event and increase your chances of receiving countless valuable rewards when the game is officially released.


Like the movie version, DC Unchained brings gamers to the context of the Earth being invaded by the Parademon army under the dictator Darkseid. Leading heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or even villains like Joker or Harley Quinn.. gamers will begin their journey to protect their homeland.

With that said, DC Unchained is now open for pre-registration for both Android and iOS gamers. Readers can access the following address to win a “slot” for themselves:

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