God of War still has a mystery that no one can find out

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Over the past few months, the gaming community has been ecstatic with the return of God of War Kratos in a whole new adventure in the land of Northern Europe. In addition to a great gameplay and engaging storyline, God of War It also impresses gamers with interesting mysteries that are cleverly integrated into the game. One of the prime examples is the presence of the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers Infinity War, allows Kratos to wield a range of powerful powers.


However, God of War still has a secret that no one has found despite the popularity of the title action game this peak. According to Cory Barlog – project director of God of War, the Nordic mythological world still contains something that no player has discovered.


This director was also quite surprised when the gaming community had not yet discovered the mystery in the game:


Now after this statement, fans God of War perhaps begin a new hunt, rummaging through the bricks of the Nordic world for the unsolved mystery. Of course, apart from that mystery, the biggest question mark still lies in the game’s plot.. where fans wonder where the fate of Kratos and his son will go after the final scene.

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