Box Gaming successfully held the throne at the PUBG Mobile tournament – PMCO 2019

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The start was not so smooth, only achieving a single Top1 on the first day of competition, making people question the level of the boys. Box Gaming: Is it time for young people to usurp the throne of the veteran “big hand”? PUBG Mobile VN? However, after all, Box Gaming has proved its own bravery. And don’t let the fans down, BOX Gaming is the team that continues to win the championship PMCO Fall 2019 with a completely superior score on the total scoreboard.


Not only surpassing rival team FFQ with a gap of 59 points, Box Gaming also won the Gunslinger award with 70 kills. This is really a big regret for FFQ when they lost to Box Gaming only 2 kills in the Gunslinger competition of the season. It must be said that this has been an extremely successful season for Box Gaming.


Finally, the five best names of PUBG Mobile VN at PMCO Fall 2019 include:​

  2. FFQ

They are the representative faces of PUBG Mobile VN that will continue to fight at PMCO autumn 2019 Southeast Asia and beyond the PUBG Mobile world final. With the strength of the teams are quite uniform and quality. , surely fans have the right to hope for PUBG Mobile VN to go deeper and further on their way to conquering the world. We wish all our teams to maintain their form and promote in the upcoming major international tournaments.


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