CrossFire Legends: CFL gunner plows daily to receive VIP characters

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Attendance 7 days


Back To School attendance (August 22 – September 10): During the event, every day just log in to the game and the gunners can receive gifts. Note that you need to log in consecutively to receive all gifts from the event. Including gamers CFL are extremely eager to be able to own Captain Blade with melee, T91-Tiger weapon.

Update the Mid-Autumn event series:

  • New ADC Deal: Increase GEM return for New ADCs up to 815% and update refund at 2000, 4000 VIP weapons
  • GEM Wheel: Update new items Moon Cake, Pixel Hammer and VIP Lora
  • Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 SHOP (August 15 – September 15): Collect Mooncakes to redeem gifts from GEM Wheel or complete daily quests.

Deposit 1 GEM to receive AK47 VIP Inferno (August 26 – September 1): During the event, gunners who deposit at least 1 GEM per day can receive gifts, in addition to an extremely attractive 380 GEM milestone. Items can be stacked and events reset every day.​

  • Deposit 1 GEM to receive: AK47-VIP Inferno (2 days), 308 GEM
  • Top up 380 GEM to receive: Bag 7 (2 days), 803 GEM, Kukri-VIP Inferno, DE-VIP Inferno (2 days)

Load GEM to receive DE-VIP Inferno (August 26 – 29): During the event period, gunners who recharge GEM will receive a refunded GEM along with many rare items.​

  • Recharge 3008 GEM receive: GEM refund x3008
  • Deposit 4999 GEM to receive: Eternal Jade Rabbit
  • Top up 8888 GEM receive: GEM refund x3008
  • Deposit 9999 GEM to get: Angel Staff Forever
  • Top up 12108 GEM receive: GEM refund x4999
  • Deposit 17080 GEM to receive: AK47-Mad Men Forever
  • Deposit 21080 GEM receive: GEM refund x8888
  • Deposit 24888 GEM to get: Eternal Fury Bow
  • Deposit 30080 GEM receive: DE-VIP Inferno

CrossFire: Legends shooters don’t miss it, lots of VIP items and loads of GEM are waiting for you!

Find out more information about Crossfire Legends here:​

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