Born before PUBG but this game is still estranged from gamers

For many gamers, the survival shooter genre must be no stranger to H1Z1, the game even existed before PUBG, the hottest game right now, but in recent years, this game has been almost ignored by world gamers, when there is little information on the international news sites. In China, although this game is still keeping the heat, but before the storm of PUBG is raging, the number of players of H1Z1 still has to run long.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

So what is the reason why this game, which is likened to the “origin” of PUBG, has almost disappeared on the world game map?
Firstly, hacking is rampant. Many players must be mad when playing H1Z1 because of the terrible attack of hackers, while the developer is powerless to solve this problem, in contrast, the hacking in PUBG is always concerned by the developer and find all ways to eliminate hacking.



Second, the developers of H1Z1 do not know how to take advantage of talent, narrow vision, to miss opportunities. You may not know Brendan Greene (nickname PlayerUnknown), the father of PUBG, was one of the people who played an important role in the development of H1Z1, but the company that developed this game did not focus on the Battle genre. Royale, and as you can see today it was too hot, but that year they missed this opportunity. It is also for the same reason of neglecting this game genre that PlayerUnknown has turned his back and devoted himself to his child to achieve the success it is today.

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With the above reasons, although many players who were loyal to H1Z1 are ready to give up and switch to PUBG. The reasons for the estrangement of the players are still many and many people are also quite sorry for H1Z1, if only the Daybreak Game that year had cared more for the survival shooter genre, perhaps now they would have enjoyed such results. what PUBG is currently having.

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