Animus – Gamers will have to cry when trying this super difficult game

Anime is a hardcore fighting ARPG game, heavy with dark and gloomy style. Gamers play as a hero alone in the world of monsters, in armor like the Middle Ages. The heart of the game is the non-targeting combat system, forcing the player to directly control the character. It even has a narration that it is best not to understand anything to live longer. All create a bold atmosphere Dark Soul on mobile platform.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Animus introduction clip on Store

For $7.99 (VND 181,000 on Google Play), Anime is considered quite cheap compared to the rich content and experiences it brings. However, the difficulty of the game makes hitting the boss directly with the virtual keys extremely difficult, gamers may need a controller to be able to pass this part of the game.


Besides, Anime there are also IAPs (items that can be bought with money) as the general trend of many RPG game Currently. However, gamers can earn quite a bit of gems (in-game currency) by watching ads. Every time you see an ad, you get 30 gems.

Anime Both iOS and Android versions are available.​

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