Block pop up, turn off ad windows on chrome, firefox, ie

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Blocking Pop Up on web browsers helps users block unwanted ad windows that cause a lot of trouble and confusion in web browsers. There are many ways to do it, you can use software or install it on the browser itself such as Chrome, Firefox or IE that you are using. will guide you to do it in the article below.

Pop-up advertisements are available on many Websites, often automatically opening when you are accessing these Web pages on Web browsers, both annoying for users and reducing Web surfing speed. This has raised the problem of how to block Pop up on popular browsers today.

chan pop up, high resolution on chrome, firefox, ie

Block pop up, turn off ad windows on chrome, firefox, ie

Like Web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer also has a mechanism against these Pop-ups, which saves you a lot of time instead of having to uninstall each pop-up one by one. block these pop ups every time they appear.

Block pop ups, turn off ad windows on Chrome, Firefox, IE

Step 1: After successfully installed IE on the computer and open the browser. You can download the browser IE

Press Alt on the keyboard to display the toolbar in IE, click Tools -> Internet Options.

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Step 2: In the window Internet Optionsselect Tab Privacy.

At this Tab, click Turn on Pop-up Blocker.

Internet Explorer

To prevent Pop-ups more effectively, click on Settings to establish.

In Settingsin the Block levelsselect mode High: Block all pop-ups to choose the maximum Pop-up blocking level.

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Click Close to close the window Settings

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Click OK to save the settings.

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In addition to the above method, you can also use software that specializes in blocking Pop-ups like Popup Blocker or Smart Popup Blocker (download the latest version of Pop-up Blocker or download Smart Popup Blocker). How to use these 2 utilities is very simple, you just need to install and successfully register the application to remove all Pop-up ads.

So, you have successfully set up the Pop up ad blocking function on Internet Explorer, now you will not have to be annoyed with the Pop-ups that come with Web pages when you are surfing the Web. In addition, you can also refer to many software ad blocking other available on

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