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Virtual email addresses are used for anonymity on the Internet. It can be used to sign up, receive confirmation links, reply to emails or forward emails. By using a disposable email address, you can protect your official personal inbox from being filled with spam emails. So where is the top website to create virtual mail, disposable mail?

When you want to sign up for an account or website that you don’t trust, using a virtual email address is the best option. Instead of providing your primary personal email address, the disposable emails you use will only last for a certain amount of time and disappear on their own. In this article, will introduce you to the top 10 best virtual and disposable email web sites.

I have a good email address

Website address to create the best virtual mail today.

Top 10 best virtual mailing sites

first. is one of the best virtual email address creation websites today, which is being chosen by many of you. When using this website, you just need to click to have virtual mail immediately, assisting you in registration. Not only is this quick and easy, but this website also allows you to create emails with your favorite name.

– Simple, fast without verification….
– Can be used to register an account
– No time limit 10 minutes

– Only 3 email domains are,,
-Sometimes the message is in Chinese so I don’t understand what it means

Steps to take:

Step 1: Go to mytempsms HERE. You click on the end of the arrow box, the tails will appear as shown below. Depending on your needs, you choose the appropriate email extension.

I email ao vien

Step 2: When you choose the email extension, you have many options to create mail:

– 1 . way: Set your own email according to your wishes. This way, you Fill in the blanks before the email –> Click on “Apply E-mail

Email ao

Immediately after, the virtual email will display as above:

Gmail auspicious

Note: You need to fill in the blank box first before clicking “Apply E-mail” for the system to display the appropriate mail.

Way 2: Generate Random Email. This way, you just need to click on “Random email

I email you

The results appear immediately after, similar to when you create an email yourself.

Step 3: To create a new email, you need to delete the old email by selecting “Delete E-mail“.

Gmail list ao

2. E4ward

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan

This virtual mailing site allows you to create multiple aliases. E4ward forwards all emails to your primary email address from specified aliases. Free users get only 1 alias. You can choose the premium service to have multiple aliases. With this disposable email service, users can have even more space in the cloud to store emails. Moreover, E4ward also allows users to customize their email to [email protected], by adding the domain name as desired.

Access website: HERE

3. 10minutemail

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 2

Access HERE

Here, you will get a virtual email address, which disappears on its own after 10 minutes. However, you can extend the time or reset the time by clicking the . button Refresh. This resets it to the 10 minute duration. These email addresses are useful when you want to sign up for a new service. Virtual mail creation website 10minutemail is rated as easier to use and more reliable when it comes to privacy.

Access website: HERE

4. Mailinator

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 3

Access HERE

At Mailinator, you can use any alias you want to receive emails. This disposable email service is in the public domain and the emails are also publicly available. The alias you choose may be used by others. Emails you receive will self-destruct within a few hours. The premium plan will allow you to create a personal alias that no one can access.

Access website: HERE

5. TempMail

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 4

TempMail is also another public disposable email service. This means that if 2 people choose the same alias, they will both receive the same email. One of the unique features that the TempMail virtual mail creation website provides to users is multiple domains. You can even change the domain name of your disposable email. To do that, click on the . button Change. Never use this type of email while signing up for any service as it can be hacked if someone else gets your alias and domain name.

Access website: HERE

6. Nada

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 5

Nada is a disposable email service from the developers of AirMail. This temporary email service is very convenient to sign up for an Internet service. Nada provides a temporary inbox for its users. Inboxes live as long as the domain stays active. You will get a notification from them 1 month before the domain is refreshed. With the Nada Email Service virtual mail creation website, users can create multiple combinations of aliases and domains by clicking the button. Add Inbox. You can remove the alias manually after use or on demand.

Access website: HERE

7. Guerrilla Mail

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 6

All emails sent to this inbox will be deleted after 1 hour. You do not need to register to use this service. Guerrilla Mail provides users with the option to choose an alias and domain name of their choice. One of the other special features is composing messages. Users can send mail to any address over the Internet. The recipient’s IP address is automatically embedded in the email subject to avoid any abuse of this service.

Access website: HERE

8. MohMal

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 7

MohMal in Arabic is an acronym for Junk mail or spam. The service supports multiple languages. With the website to create virtual mail MohMal, the email you create will automatically delete after 45 minutes. This is to ensure security against other users. You can also create your alias and choose the desired domain name by clicking Create.

Access website: HERE

9. ThrowAwayMail

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 8

At ThrowAwayMail, users receive a unique disposable email ID. ThrowAwayMail is valid for 48 hours. To make it a permanent address, you need to visit the email page before the 48 hour period ends.

Access website: HERE

10. EmailOnDeck

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 9

This virtual email service provides you with a unique email address. You can use it to sign up or receive emails. In virtual mail creation web, user can recover his email address after deletion by using recovery token. You cannot recover an email after deleting it. There is no specific time limit on how long your email will stay in the inbox. Furthermore, the service cleans their servers periodically. They also offer a premium service where you can have multiple disposable emails with access to several exclusive domains and the option to save emails locally.

Access website: HERE

11. YOPmail

top website tao mail ao mail dung 1 lan 10

The YOPmail virtual mail creation website provides an 8-day storage period for received emails. User can delete email at any time. It also supports multiple languages. The service looks very premium with a clean user interface. You cannot compose messages here and send them to other services. Users can only send anonymous emails to domains used by YOPmail. In addition, they offer a plugin for the web browser that allows you to quickly access disposable email.

Access website: HERE
There are times when you are not comfortable with sharing your primary email address. You may have privacy concerns or are unsure whether you can trust a certain service provider when using your email. At such times, websites that create disposable virtual mail will protect you when it comes to security and privacy issues. Disposable emails ensure anonymity most of the time.

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