Vocabulary with teammates who are “family members” of the game company, young people are unfairly executed

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The gaming community has existed since ancient times, with legends like “father is the president of a game company” or “family members in the development team”. Even though those stories are 80% baseless, there must be some truth in them…. Simply because developers, like us, are human too. But as humans, they must have time to relax and entertain, not to mention they are still working in the game industry. That is why many people have met someone in the virtual world but do not know they are one of the people who contribute to that world.

However… not everyone has a happy ending when encountering people like this.

It all started with a match Dota 2 as normal as the days of Minijuanjohndoe gamers. But after exchanging words with his teammates because he wanted the whole team to push Mid, he suddenly found himself waiting in line for Low Priority. For those of you who don’t know, Low Priority is a form of punishment in Dota 2 for AFK gamers, dropping out mid-game or receiving an unusual number of Reports. These gamers will have a much longer time to find matches than normal accounts.

Photo provided by Minijuanjohndoe.

Feeling something is wrong, Minijuanjohndoe brought the incident to Reddit to complain and soon he soon learned the reason why he was “eaten by the stick”. Accordingly, one of his teammates in the previous game, who exchanged words with Minijuanjohndoe when he shouted down Mid, was Sean Vanaman. For those who don’t know, Sean Vanaman has worked as a designer, project director, and screenwriter… of many hit games like The Walking Dead, Fire Watch and the closest is Half-Life: Alyx. Currently holding a senior position at ValveSean Vanaman used his power to direct Minijuanjohndoe’s account to Low Priority after he missed his career.


After the incident broke out on Reddit and the undeniable evidence of Minijuanjohndoe (such as the pretty behavior score in Dota 2), Sean Vanaman had to apologize and pledge not to use Valve’s system to ” craft board” again. This developer partly admitted that his entire action was due to loss of temper and personal hatred.

In fact, this is not the first time Sean Vanaman has “three blood six attacks” when in 2017, this developer once pressed PewDiePie have to remove the video about Firewatch when this Youtuber has many inappropriate words. However, this caused Firewatch to receive the opposite effect when it received an extremely low review score on Steam.​

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