Reservoir Raid – State of Survival’s tens of thousands of dollars tournament officially begins

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State of Survival – title mobile games The world’s leading apocalypse survival strategy has recently officially announced the tournament Reservoir Raid (Reservoir Rad Nations Cup). With a total prize pool of up to tens of thousands of dollars, bringing together the world’s top Alliances, this will certainly be a great tournament that the followers of this game do not want to miss.


The Reservoir Raid Tournament will officially start from January 25, 2021 and will end on March 27, 2021. The tournament takes place online with the participation of 4 regions including North America, Europe, East Asia, Southeast & Central Asia. Alliances need to register to be able to participate in this extremely attractive tournament.


In a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and dangers that are always lurking, it is extremely important to collect clean water to maintain a stable life. The Reservoir Raid is an event that allows Alliances to compete with each other for precious amounts of clean water. Through the event, State of Survival players can receive rewards for both individual and Alliance achievements.

To register for the Reservoir Raid event, players first need to be in an Alliance in the top 20, and at the same time, the Headquarters must be level 16 or higher and have no troops marching or hiding. hide in the Dungeon. The event will take place in 3 main stages where the main task of the player is to collect water, occupy buildings and defend them against the enemy.

The goal is to collect as much clean water as possible

Reservoir Raid is not only a playground for “muscles”, the ability to cooperate in combat between players with the Alliance and the tactical thinking of the leader is also extremely important, playing a big role in the battle. The Reservoir Raid event has been chosen to be organized as the Reservoir Raid tournament to find the most powerful Alliance in the world. The tournament will be divided into 4 stages:​

  • Registration: From January 25, 2021 to February 7, 2021, Alliances who want to participate in the tournament need to register at the official website of the event.
  • Scoring: There will be 2 rounds of scoring. The first round of scoring takes place on February 13-14, 2021, the second round of scoring takes place on February 27-28, 2021. The results of the Scoring round will be summed up on March 1, 2021. The top league of each region (4 in total) will compete in the Semi-Finals.
  • Semi-finals: March 13-14, 2021.

Only Leagues from the new States from January 25-31, 2021 can participate to ensure the fairness of the tournament. After the registration period expires, the Alliances eligible to participate will be officially announced. In particular, these Alliances will also receive weekly gifts until they are eliminated from the tournament.

The Main Reservoir is the largest source of water supply

Some other buildings that players need to pay attention to when starting their Reservoir Raid trip:

The workshop will also “slightly” increase the amount of clean water, but the main use is to increase the attack and defense stats for the troops.

The solar power plant will make the occupation of the building twice as fast

The secondary water tank is also a significant source of clean water that the Alliances need to pay attention to

The alliance that collects more clean water will win

Officially entering the competition phase since the Scoring round, right from this stage, the Alliances have been able to receive a lot of valuable gifts. Specifically:​

  • The highest ranked alliance in each region will receive a reward of $300 per player.
  • The 2nd ranked alliance in each region will receive a reward of $100 per player.
  • The 3rd ranked alliance in each region will receive a reward worth $50 per player.

After the Scoring phase, the 4 strongest Alliances from the 4 regions will enter the Semifinals. The 2 winners of the semi-finals will advance to the finals to find the sole champion of the tournament. The promised rewards will be extremely generous, worthy of the effort that Alliances and players put in to achieve high rankings in the tournament:​

  • League of Champions: $10,000 cash, Champion Trophy and $10,000 ingame rewards.
  • Second place: $5000 cash, $5,000 ingame reward.
  • 3rd place: $3,000 cash, $3,000 ingame reward.
  • 4th place: $2,000 cash, $2,000 ingame bonus.

With the registration is not too difficult as well as the extremely attractive prize structure like this, perhaps the Alliances should strengthen their strength and be ready to immediately participate in the Lake Raid tournament. This is definitely a 1-0-2 chance for State of Survival community and Alliances, not only to win rewards, but also to assert their name, solidarity and strength in the big arena.​

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