Which Bat Phai martial arts or Luc An’s greatest skill will make a difference in the Nine Am PK tournament?

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As a famous 3D MMORPG about the massive Treasures of the Classics, containing many martial arts that are faithfully simulated according to the original swordplay Kim Dung and Co Long, The Nine Yin Chan Kinh causing players to often find themselves in a dilemma in every major PvP tournament, when faced with countless martial arts options.
With more than 50 skill sets of 8 factions and 6 sects hidden, which choice will be honored in the tournament tournament? Nine Yin PK this time?


With the usual MMORPGs on the market, players tend to use the powerful skill sets that are provided with each stage of character growth, leading to the fact that the previous skill sets will go into dust. . However, for the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, NSX Snails always insists that there is no martial arts set listed as “squeezing lemons out of the skin”, even the most popular introductory skills.

Players are equipped “to the teeth” when participating in the tournament

Even this famous NSX was publicly opposed by many players for being biased, buffing damage to a few basic martial arts sets, for example, Tho Thien Cong Phu has been claiming to be king in many aspects. PvP, PvE battle of Nine Yin Zhen Jing.

Rough Thien Cong Phu – “popular” goods that everyone likes

However, it can be affirmed that this comes entirely from the very diverse and balanced PK system of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh. Because any martial arts set has up to 7-8 moves, some are strong and weak, some specialize in damage, and some specialize in control.

Therefore, there are also many skill sets of Bat Phai – Luc An that can break the very “hot” punches of Tho Thien Cong Phu. These can be mentioned secret transmissions that cause control and great damage such as: Hang Long Dharma of Cai Bang or Hidden Not Received by Duong Mon.

The Secret Secrets of Cai Bang and Tang Mon are also worth looking forward to

With such a large and hardcore PK system, players of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh must always clearly consider which martial arts to use as the main, which sets are secondary, which moves are auxiliary to have a combined strategy, change according to each event.

The PK system can flexibly switch martial arts sets

Back to the question: Will any martial art claim to dominate at the Nine Am PK tournament and help the owner win 37 million dong in cash? For the community of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, it is very difficult to find a correct answer when the Treasures of the Temples have not been experienced yet, as well as many unique combinations of martial arts that no one has tried yet. .

The attributes and effects of internal attacks are also very important

In addition, there are many more factors that affect the outcome of the match such as: air attack, internal attack, … and most importantly, the player’s tactics, skills, and ability to understand opponents.


It is known that with the appearance of two new factions Ngu Tien Giao and Dat Ma in the upcoming 5 year version, Cuu Am Chan Kinh promises to be a challenging PK playground for hardcore gamers who want to express themselves.​

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