Bitter for being accused of sexual harassment, the male streamer sued the victim to go to court

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As the movement against sexual abuse spreads around the world, it’s clear that the gaming industry is no exception. The naked, dark truths began to be brought to light, making us all terrified. Are from streamergamers to senior personnel of game studios (typically the recent Ubisoft case), many names are circulated online, even having to go to court for racist behaviors, sexual harassment,… HJTenchi – one Twitch streamer one of them, but life is full of twists when he is filing a counter-suit against the victim himself because he thinks all of her accusations are just lies, seriously affecting the image and career of the victim. he.


Previously, 35-year-old gamer “HJTenchi” (real name Travis Mellon) was accused of harassing, sexually abusing and sending depraved photos to gamers, female cosplayers, and model “Danica Rockwood”. However, Mellon vehemently denied Rockwood’s accusations, even filing a lawsuit against her for defamation, damaging his reputation, and causing his career to suffer as viewership plummeted. .

Mark Coleman, Mellon’s attorney, said that his client (meaning Mellon) and Rockwood were in fact a romantic relationship between 2016 and 2018. In the lawsuit, Mellon claims the two used to hang out together, regularly texting, video calling and of course, all based on the free will of both parties. Therefore, the messages cannot be considered as evidence of sexual harassment.


Danica Rockwood

Back on June 20, Rockwood denounced Mellon by posting screenshots of the sensitive messages this streamer sent to her. Soon after, many people voiced their support for Rockwood and said that they had been harassed by Mellon in the same way.

What the truth is, perhaps only the insiders know. The trial is scheduled to be held on November 19, 2020 at the Fresno County Superior Court.​

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