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The genre of construction and city management may seem boring at first, but once you get used to it, you’re even more “addicted” than the shooter or role-playing game. SimCity is a typical example when having in hand countless successful sequels and gathering a very large community. However, on Mobile, this series has only one game, which is SimCity BuildItnot enough to satisfy the fan’s crazy thirst.


As if seeing through the feelings of gamers, small developer Nimble Bit has launched a completely new rookie with bold SimCity style. Yes, we are talking Bit Citythe game shows the city management style according to the quality… four buttons.


Start, Bit City For gamers to own a small town in the middle of a barren desert with the task of expanding and developing this place into one of the busiest urban areas in the world. The first task of the player is to build buildings on the assigned land with three main types: business, residential and service. These buildings will act as the main source of income for the city, filling your pocket every second.

Bit City game trailer.

However, the job is not just that simple. In order for the city to come to life and earn more income, players also have to unlock different types of vehicles. From pickup trucks to four-seater, from buses to taxis, each type brings to the city a certain amount of money through tax collection. Even if you’re lucky, you might even get a few precious dollars.


Bit City Although it may have a simple style, easy to play and less computational, but in return the game gives players an unusual sense of pleasure. Images of colorful houses and squares or small cars busy on the road, like breathing strong life into the tiny world of Bit City. Indeed, with only one or two hours of game experience, the writer has seen a Lego city full of fun and vitality appear before his eyes.


Bit City With a fast, neat and beautiful style, it is indeed a great game to let us relax in the midst of the chaotic shooting or swordsmanship out there. Currently, Bit City is only open for testing on Android and the number of participating “slots” has expired. Fortunately, Emergenceingame.Com has access to an alternative game download address, allowing readers to enjoy free games directly here:


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