Super Saiyan “once in a thousand years” Broly will return in the new movie 7 Dragon Balls

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Although the series anime Dragon Ball Super ended at the beginning of this year, but information from the manufacturer is about to release a version movie (cinema) still makes fans extremely eager to wait. Recently, the movie has been officially titled with the name “The Legendary Saiyan” and is expected to be released on December 14 this year.

Are known, Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 or now The Legendary Saiyan was originally rumored by fans to have Cell’s return to introduce a new villain. But recently, TOEI Animation announced today that the former film villain Broly will be the focus of this December movie.


Broly is the villain appearing in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan and Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming. He is considered a “legendary Super Saiyan” that only appears once every 1000 years. Broly is a character drawn by Akira himself for commercial films. But because it’s a movie, everything about him is unrelated to the main storyline of Dragon Ball. That’s why this character is being put on the movie now Dragon Ball Super This is good news for Broly fans. The new poster of the movie shows Goku and Vegeta in their God Super Saiyan state, Broly’s “Legendary Super Saiyan” Broly is also in the frame.


The film’s announcement also includes a message from the author Toriyama Akira To the fans, he shared:


“Do you guys know who Broly is?

He has only appeared in the previous Dragon Ball movies, and is an extremely powerful Saiyan. Because I drew the visual design of this character, at that time I hardly remember the details of Brolyn in those anime.

But so far, it seems Broly is still very popular not only in Japan, but also abroad, and for that reason, the editors suggested to me: “Why are we this time? not make a movie about Broly?”. When I watch old movies, and I feel like it’s going to be interesting depending on how it’s arranged, so we immediately started talking about bringing Broly into the Super Dragon series. Ball.


In order not to disappoint Broly fans, I tried to keep Broly’s past image, while also giving him new sides, and I think he has become a more attractive Broly. Of course, the movie will not only offer great battles, it will also show the fates of Goku, Vegeta, and Broly when they meet; how the Frieza army is connected; and the history of the Saiyans. This will be a film with impressive content and large scale.

The strongest Saiyan, Broly will appear! There will be a lot more content to be released to fans, so please wait a little longer until it’s done!”.


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