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You may not know, in addition to Marvel and DC, there are still these cinematic universes (P.1)

In the beginning, when Marvel Burning with determination to create a cinematic universe based on Comics characters, other film companies are very disdainful. ‘s plan Marvel is to bring each superhero into a separate movie, then form a superhero alliance in the series Avengers like in an epic.

To implement this plan is also quite difficult, it is likely to “eat all, fall to nothing”. Fortunately, y Marvel has overcome many obstacles to be a great success with its cinematic universe, and has also continuously reaped profits from the box office revenue of this superhero movie series. . Only then did other film companies see the benefits of “parallel universes”, so they began racing to exploit their characters to build a cinematic universe. Among them, DC is also one of the companies that quickly create a cinematic universe to catch up Marvel. In a short time, DC Entertainment planned to launch the series and the business results were also extremely “pretty”.


However, not everyone can successfully imitate it DC, many companies create absurd cinematic universes, not only having the classic movie universe but also the cartoon universe. Even toy companies are getting into the fray. Let’s take a look outside the two popular companies Marvel and DC So what other cinematic universes are there in the article below.

1. Universe “21 Jump Street” (School Police)

After the success with the movie in 2012, in 2014 the film released a sequel film, titled University Police. The series with a completely new script, not following the old motifs, still makes the audience extremely fond of it. What contributed to the success of 21 Jump Street was the move to create its own cinematic universe.


In 2014, Sony considered wanting to combine its two popular brands, 21 Jump Street and Men in Black, to let the Jenko – Schmidt duo in 21 Jump Street cooperate with the black-shirted agents. This fresh idea will definitely help this series create more humorous elements and attract more audiences. Not only that, the manufacturer also wants to plan to create a female version of 21 Jump Street. However, this plan is still only in the tentative stage, because after the failure of Ghostbusters perhaps the studio will need time to reconsider more about its cinematic universe.

2. Universe “Transformers”

Transformers-related movies have always presented audiences with contradictions, so this series both keeps people waiting, and easily brings disappointment. In the immediate future, Hasbro’s writing team has embarked on expanding a series of new film projects. However, this company’s scriptwriter consultant is considered to have uneven capacity. This also makes the audience skeptical about the fate of the later series.


Currently, there are 12 films in production and premiere, Transformers 5 is the first of them. And director Michael Bay also announced this is the last Transformers movie he directed and produced. Each next year, there will be an additional movie in this “Transformers universe”, including a separate film about Bumble Bee and the sixth installment of the Transformers franchise and is expected to have a collaboration with another film, as well as a sequel. Adapted from a Hasbro toy called GI Joe: Rise of Cobra.

3. The “Call of Duty” universe

The fact that Call of Duty created a cinematic universe does not surprise people, the only surprising thing is that it took them so long to decide to turn it into a movie. Because gamers have been fascinated with this series for more than 10 years, moreover inherently the game of the same name has given everyone a very “cinematic” feeling. Games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops or Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army are all attractive topics that, if adapted into movies, promise to receive the support of many audiences. fakes and even gamers.


4. The “LEGO” Universe

Initially, the toy company just wanted to make colorful and vivid movies to advertise its products to customers. However, thanks to the ingenious direction of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, The Lego Movie has achieved unexpected success, becoming one of the most beloved animated comedy films. In recent years. The next movie, The Lego Ninjago Movie released this year also received support from the audience. In the near future, the studio will continue to release the animated film The Billion Brick Race by Jorge Gutierrez, which promises to be as loved by fans as the previous films.


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