Witness Dragon Ball: FighterZ gamers develop a record combo of 127 hits

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Dragon Ball: FighterZ is becoming a star in the hearts of fans 7 Dragon Balls whether from Anime, Manga or virtual world. A faithful reproduction of the original version with combat mechanics that mimic exactly what fans remember from the past is the trump card of Dragon Ball: FighterZ.


But perhaps also because of the passionate fans, when FighterZ was not released, there were masters who were proficient in all skills in the game. Appearing through a clip shared with Youtuber “NGI” (it’s not clear if he’s the player himself) this master used Goku to perform a 127 Hit combo circuit on the more familiar Cell opponent. the name Xen Bo Hung.


At the beginning of the match, we can see that Team Goku is quite overwhelming with Monkey alone seeing two members of the opponent, Majin Bu and Vegeta, back to the stands. It was only when Cell appeared that Goku showed signs of backing down when he lost nearly half of his health bar. However, at the moment of being cornered by the opponent, Goku suddenly counterattacked with crazy momentum. Taking advantage of the collision mechanism on both sides of the ring, the gamer controls Goku, causing Cell’s body to jerk repeatedly because of the violent attack.


And yet, soon after, Goku continued to launch Cell into the air and performed a series of further combos only to finally end with 2 air-to-ground and ground-to-air Kame attacks with Gohan’s assistance. All combined with combos of up to 127 Hits, marking the first time the community has witnessed a combat phase of over 100 Hits of Dragon Ball: FighterZ.

Clip 127 Hit of Dragon Bal: FighterZ.

The clip not only proves the great ability of gamers but also shows the combat system of Dragon Ball: FighterZ with crazy speed and power, ready for players to show their full potential.

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