Will the legendary “Three One” return to CSGO?

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Anyone fascinated Counter-Strike Everyone must know “Three One”, the gun is considered a legend of the scene game – robbery. Moderate recoil, medium damage and, above all, not a large amount of money to buy, “Three One” soon became the most popular gun in 2 versions. CS 1.1 and 1.4.


However, when “junior” Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) greeted the field many years ago, the silhouette of that gun completely disappeared. For many years, “Three Five” or MP7 became an alternative to this legend, making veteran fans of the series feel sorry for an old monument.


But now “Three One” will journey back to the virtual world when the official CSGO social networking site has just revealed the first image of the gun. In fact you will find this version of “Three One” much different from the previous version of “Three One” because it is simply an improved version. The version of Counter-Strike 1.1 that we are familiar with has the full name of Heckler & Koch MP5 Navy Model or MP5N for short. Meanwhile “Three One” will appear CSGO is the MP5SD3 version, ie MP5 but with integrated silencer.


Although it does not have the old nostalgic design, it will certainly still be an extremely valuable addition for fans who love CSGO or old games. There is still no exact information on when this gun will enter CSGO but Emergenceingame.Com will continuously monitor the situation to update readers as soon as possible.

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