Pokemon Black – The mystery of the “ghost Pokemon” that kills the owner

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When I hear the name Pokemon Blackyou will probably think of the army Pokemon Black and White landed in the virtual world on the 3DS in 2010. It’s the game that has stolen the hearts of many gamers, won countless successes in Japan as well as the international market… But there is one Pokemon Black another that is less well known, a Pokemon Black appeared from 10 years ago, a Pokemon title in general is not much different from its brothers … aside from a black color thanks to its full body coverage. . The Pokemon fan community claims that this is the only game ever released throughout the series’ history..


Ghost mystery..

Pokemon Black, according to an unnamed author, started out similar to Pokemon Red and Blue, with Professor Oak tasking players with catching and training Pokemon on their way to becoming a famous Coach. But when Red and Blue let gamers choose one of three Pokemon, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur to start, Pokemon Black offers the fourth option: GHOST.

As soon as you choose GHOST, you will see the difference first. This Pokemon is already at Level 5, while possessing an extremely monstrous attack. While the three Pokemon above possess normal attacks, GHOST can only launch one move: Curse – Curse.


When choosing to bring GHOST into battle, things will become extremely simple for the coach when the opposing Pokemon is “too scared” to be able to counterattack. An author on Tinycartridge describes the effect GHOST creates as follows:

And the moment all the opponent’s Pokeballs are “erased”, the player himself – GHOST’s coach, will have two options: One is to “run”. Yes, you did not hear wrong. Run away from the match you’re winning. The second is to continue using “Curse” again and watch the opponent’s coach disappear completely. If you go back to the location where the match used to take place… all you see is a tombstone.


After a long time and the player has defeated the Elite Four, the game will change to a completely new turn..

The world in Pokemon Black At that time, it was murky, absolutely not a single person, only tombstones scattered everywhere. Until the end of the journey, you will start back to your hometown of Pallet Town. If you set foot in the right place where you started, the game screen will immediately turn into a solid black with the image of Pokemon and trainers you have ever encountered suddenly spinning in front of your eyes, then disappearing again. into the black screen. You realize, every living thing, from humans to Pokemon, was all killed by your hands and GHOST.. and each tombstone represents a person who once lived.


But it doesn’t stop here, because then GHOST will appear before your eyes, but this time on the other side of the stage. With no Pokemon in hand, a dying old man could only stand there until his health dropped over time. When the health is low enough, GHOST will cast “Curse” one last time and turn all screens black once more. When you restart the game, you will see that the save data file is wiped clean as if nothing happened.

Solve Creepypasta

Pokemon Black is a product of Creepypasta nothing more, a fantasy story originating from the Internet with the aim of spreading among the large community out there. Most Creepypasta stories ignite the curiosity of the reader, acting as a theme that can spread whenever someone is passing word of mouth like “Russian Sleep Experiment” or “Anansi’s Goatman”. But the Internet has also seen other Creepypasta variations from the game, aimed at the fear of the “virtual” nature of this entertainment genre. Most of those variations use a “rare” element as a background similar to Pokemon Black, a game that is said to be unique on the market.

Another good example is Jvk1166z.esp – the strange Mod of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which was only sent to a select few years ago. This mod is known to be extremely difficult to use, but those who can launch it say that the main character will have an extremely unusual characteristic… which is blood loss if standing in one place for too long.

Deciding to let the character’s health drop to zero, they will find out the cause: a form with a human body but with an indescribable monstrosity, wearing black armor and chasing the player everywhere. . “Assassin” – the name this monstrosity is called, created to prevent gamers from stopping for too long and uncovering the secret of the entire Mod.


Morrorwind, like other versions of The Elder Scrolls, has always been a golden land for Modders, so the story of Jvk1166z.esp gives readers a basis of faith and soon finds themselves drawn into the following details. there. However, Morrorwind’s Creepypasta variant still uses values ​​outside the game (through Mods) to create, while other versions use the content itself.

An example of this is the story of a YouTube account named Jadusable, who received a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask from an old man. The author said that this is an error version of the game that makes Jadusable always tortured by the character Happy Mask Salesman, always saying the sentence: “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” – “You met a terrible fate, right?”. In the final video, Jadusable sees two data files, named BEN and DROWNED, showing the name of a neighbor who drowned many years ago (BEN is the name of the person, DROWNED is the drowning).

Nightmares plunge into the real world…

Just like Jadusable, you talk about Pokemon Black is widely known for creating a connection with the names appearing in the game. In fact, this “ghost shy” way is popularly used by Japanese horror filmmakers, to break down the border between the virtual and real world. The Ring’s Sadako image is typical, when the ghost crawls straight from the videotape out of the TV screen and crawls towards the viewer.

Although multiplayer games are a “safer” destination when the main character can do whatever he likes in a completely fictional setting. But the horror entertainment industry (which by this point is often not entertainment for many people anymore) continues to challenge that solid wall by turning hiding places that are symbols of safety into nightmares. the worst. The Grudge is a testament to that when placing spooky objects lurking under the blanket or under the bed, which has given us protection as children.


Besides, the creators of Creepypasta also use another unique weapon, which is to take the good memories of the community as a springboard. The feeling that the beautiful images that have been closely attached to themselves for decades, suddenly one day are deformed into something extremely monstrous, will be deeply ingrained in anyone’s fear. Pokemon Red and Blue is the typical victim, when it has been with so many generations of players, but from where is a dark and deadly Pokemon Black brother..

More broadly, the “creativity” of the community is also the highlight of the success of a product, and only the most famous games are given such great attention by everyone. The original content is also thanks to that, it will become more attractive and curious in the eyes of gamers.. even in a not very pleasant way. Who knows after the story about Pokemon Blackwe will feel scared, insecure, but deep inside we know we are really curious, being tormented by an indescribable force from the dark unanswered mystery.. Just like GHOST ghostly invites players to use Curse just one more time… just one more time.

According to Polygon.

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